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42 LED Fish Tank Aquarium Bar Stick Strip Waterproof Submersible Light Lamp #01


Bright LED lights can make your tank look like part of oceans, and your fish and reptiles seen where they’re swimming or moving.
Waterproof light bar and cable.
The light could be submerged entirely under the water or put it out of the water and two suckers help to fix strong in the tank.


Brand new and high quality.
Number of LED: 42.
Colour of LED: White.
Power input: 100 – 240V , 50-60Hz.
Power output: 12V DC-500mA.
Attachment:Suction pads.
Size:37cm x 2cm x 2cm – 14.56inch x 0.79inch x 0.79inch.

Package Included:

1 X Aquarium Lamp

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

Product Features

  • Bright LED lights can make your tank look like part of oceans, and your fish and reptiles seen where they’re swimming or moving.
  • The light could be submerged entirely under the water or put it out of the water and two suckers help to fix strong in the tank.
  • Number of LED: 42. Colour of LED: White. Power input: 100 – 24
  • Power output: 12V DC-500mA. Power:2.5W
  • Attachment:Suction pads. Size:37cm x 2cm x 2cm – 14.56inch x 0.79inch x 0.79inch.

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Aquarium Fish Tank Air Curtain Bubble Stone Multicolor 24 LED Light for Air Pump 62cm


1 x US Plug

1 x Air Tube

1 x LED Bubble Light

1 x English Manual

Note: Our plug is of US regulatory, if you are not a US plug user, please purchase a conversion plug. This item excludes the air pump.

Product Features

  • Color: Multicolor(The Light would flash)
  • Size: 62cm 24LED
  • Voltage: 110-240V/50-60Hz
  • Power: 2.2W

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iPhone 4 4S Cover Case Black Unique Design Aquarium fish tropical freshwater

Product Features

  • Designed Case Only Fit Apple iPhone 4/4S
  • Made of high quality, Plastic Cover material.
  • Easy to use and install, no tools needed. Stylish protection with full access to all ports , buttons, and cameras.
  • All our cases are snap on cases.
  • All our cases are made and designed at our studio.

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Chichild Fish Aquarium

Product Features

  • High definition graphics.
  • HD Audio.
  • Smooth Transitions.
  • Variety of music.

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10 Live Freshwater Sakura Fire Red Cherry Shrimp (Breeding age young adults) + Java Moss by Aquatic Arts (formerly InvertObsession)

Add some color and excitement to your aquarium with Red Cherry Shrimp! These shrimp look great, clean your tank, and are a blast to watch! They are very active and breed very quickly.

Each bag contains at least 10 Cherry Shrimp, but we usually ship extras. We generally ship young adult shrimp that are already of breeding age. You will also get some strands of Java Moss, which is a fantastic plant to keep in shrimp tanks. It grows very quickly and the shrimp love it.

These are freshwater shrimp and can live in almost any freshwater aquarium. They are very popular for planted tanks and community tanks, and many people use them in large aquariums for waste management and algae control.

All Red Cherry Shrimp are extremely adaptable creatures that can live in almost any freshwater aquarium. Some of the younger shrimp have not reached their full potential yet and will grow into a deep red color as long as they are comfortable in the tank. Lower intensity lighting and dark substrate also helps them achieve the deepest and darkest reds.


– PH level range: 6.0 to 8.0

– Temperature range: 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit

– Water type: Soft to hard

– Recommended InvertObsession tank mates: Other types of dwarf shrimp (such as Blue Velvet shrimp, Neon Yellow Shrimp, etc.), various types of snails (such as Nerite Snails, Sulawesi Snails, etc.). They can also be kept with small to medium-sized, non-aggressive fish.

– Additional notes: Relatively easy to care for – similar to other dwarf shrimp species. Dwarf shrimp prefer to live in tanks with live aquatic plants (such as java moss, anubias barteri, green cabomba, etc). This is because dwarf shrimp like the cover that plants provide, they love to graze on the plants for algae, and the plants help keep the water clean for them.

Product Features

  • Extras included, so you will usually get 20-50% more than you ordered.
  • These ship as breeding age young adults and are the highest grade of red cherry shrimp, meaning their coloration is the most intense red you’ll ever find!
  • The colony of shrimp work as a very effective cleaning crew for your tanks, cleaning up algae and waste!
  • All Aquatic Arts (formerly InvertObsession) brand plants and animals come with a 100% live arrival guarantee, plus free phone/text/email support directly from the owner!
  • Free Java Moss strands included. It is a low-light plant that thrives in almost any aquarium and improves water quality.

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Top Rated Fish Bowl for Goldfish & Betta Fish – Wall Mounted Bubble Tank – Aquarium – Hanging Terrarium – Includes “Lets Get Started Guide” – 10 in Diameter – Acrylic – by Stanton Collections™

This wall mounted hanging fish tank by Stanton Collections™ is easy to install and care for. The “Let’s Get Started Guide” will help you select just the right size goldfish or beta fish to live in your new aquarium and how to care for it. No filtration needed. Easy to care for acrylic bowl. Buy 3-4 fish tanks and create a cool wall pattern and conversation piece! Could also be used for planting terrariums or herbs in your kitchen or garden space. Fish Bubbles are great for small spaces, apartments and offices where space is limited. This wall mounted fish bowl makes a great gift too!

Stanton Collections ™believes in the hunt, the find and the importing of unique quality goods for your home, garden and kitchen. Enjoy!

The Wall Mounted Hanging Fish Bowl Bubble is an authentic trademarked product by Stanton Collections ™

Product Features

  • MADE WITH CARE: Authentic trademarked product by Stanton CollectionsTM
  • SPECIFICATIONS: 10 inches in Diameter, Unique Acrylic Fish Bowl
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Easy to Care For Clear Fish Bowl, Exclusive “Lets Get Started Guide” & Wall Mount Screw
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Wall Hanging Acrylic Fish Bowl, Perfect for a Goldfish,Beta Fish or Terrarium

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Aquatic Creations Static Cling Aquarium Background, 36 by 18-Inch, Ruins

Aquatic Creations Aquarium Clings bring your aquarium to life. Clings support the well being of your pets by adding beauty and excitement to their surrounding environment. The cling adheres directly to the aquarium and leaves no residue upon removal.

Product Features

  • Easy application and removal
  • Residue free removal
  • May be cut to desired shape or size

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Buy2get1free,same plant Microsorum Pteropus ‘Narrow’ Potted Plant Ps156

Microsorum pteropus is a highly variable species, and new varieties are easily bred. Microsorum pteropus ‘Narrow’ has narrower leaves, which grow at a less acute angle from the stem than the normal Microsorum pteropus. Leaves becomes 10-20 cm and a rhizome from 10-15 cm or more. The plant attaches readily to roots and stones. A decorative plant, which is also suitable for smaller aquariums.

Product Features

  • Buy same 2 plants Get 1 more same plant FREE

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AquaticLife 24″ Marquis T5 HO Freshwater Dual Lamp w/ Timer

The AquaticLife 24″ Marquis T5 HO Freshwater Dual Lamp w/ Timer comes with two 24 watt 6000K T5 HO lamps. The Marquis employs the latest leading edge technology for both the novice and experienced hobbyist. The built-in Digital Timer makes it easy to control the lighting.

Product Features

  • TWO 24 watt 6000K T5 HO Lamps
  • Adjustable width Aquarium Frame Mounts safely support fixture above the aquarium
  • No Fans
  • Dimensions without frame mounts: 23.5″ X 5.5 X 1.25″. The mounting legs (frame mounts) will add 2.5″ to the height of the light
  • German-made specially angled reflectors maximize light by directing it into the aquarium

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Marimo Aquarium Kit

Hi. I’m your new Marimo (Japanese) Cladophora Ball, or Moss Ball (English). I am a rare algae growth that only forms in a few lakes in Iceland, Scotland, Japan and Estonia. Many cultures consider me good luck. I’m very easy to care for. Just place me in a container with tap water and change it every one or two weeks. Please rinse anything you add to my container to keep my home clean. You don’t need to feed me. I don’t require anything but low light and clean water to live. Please don’t put me in direct sunlight. We don’t get much of that on the lake floor, so I don’t like it. I am most comfortable in normal to low household lighting. The gentle lake currents give me my beautiful round shape. If you gently swirl my water every once in a while that would be great. As a special treat you could even take me out and gently roll me across your palm. I sink or float depending on my mood (oxygen produced by the photosynthesis moves me up and down.) If I turn brown you can help me by replacing my water, squeezing me under running water to wash out any dirt, and adding about 5% table salt to my water. I will recover quickly. Also, a night in the fridge is like a week at the spa for me as I prefer cold water. I can live up to 200 years and grow about .5cm per year. Thanks for being so kind to me. Now I’m going to get to work being awesome.

Product Features

  • Does not deliver on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.
  • Includes: Hadley Jar with cork lid and wodden tag, Pebbles, Sea Fan, and the star of the show; a 1 to 1.5 inch Marimo Moss Ball
  • Easy to care for. Just change the water every two weeks
  • Marimo can live 200 years
  • Product shipped as a mature plant; After arrival soak in water for 1 ? 2 hours, let plant dry fully, then begin regular watering schedule

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