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Complete Encyclopedia of the Freshwater Aquarium

Complete Encyclopedia of the Freshwater Aquarium

This 288 page, illustration-packed encyclopedia covers a wide range of the fish species information and technical hints needed to easily and successfully maintain a freshwater aquarium at home. Several books in one, it features hundreds of species and offers advice on the latest equipment, foods, remedies, water treatments, test kits, and aquarium management techniques. The Complete Encyclopedia of the Freshwater Aquarium includes an A-Z listing of aquarium fish species, plus: fish biology fish in nature fish conservation commercial breeding aquarium selection, set-up, maintenance, and troubleshooting fish nutrition and feeding fish breeding in the aquarium fish health and diseases aquarium plant species planting and maintenance of aquarium plants species of aquarium animals, such as frogs, snails, crayfish, and more The book includes the latest information on koi and other coldwater species, one of today’s fastest-growing aquarium sectors. Rounded out with a

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