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Tropical Fishes (PocketExpert Guide)

Tropical Fishes (PocketExpert Guide)

The latest addition to the best-selling PocketExpert Guide aquatic book series from Microcosm, Tropical Fishes offers detailed profiles of over 500 freshwater fish species, including all readily available aquarium choices and scores of seldom seen, rare, and recently discovered species that will be of great interest to hobbyists, such as livebearers, catfishes, cichlids, tetras, barbs, loaches, killifishes, rainbowfishes, and many more. It includes species profiles, behavior notes, native range, maximum size, and all essential care, feeding, and husbandry advice needed for each fish, plus over 700 full-color photographs–including many male-female comparisons, juveniles, and color variants of popular species. The authors are among the most respected names in freshwater aquarium writing and photography, with more than a century of combined fishkeeping experience on both sides of the Atlantic among them. The book is organized for instant look-up, with colorful icons signaling ease or

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