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1 Live Green Cabomba Plant (Cabomba caroliniana) – 6+ branches and 6″-8″ Tall! – Oxygenating, Live Pond Plant (Attractive Alternative to Hornwort!) by Aquatic Arts (formerly InvertObsession)

Live plants have many agricultural uses, such as removing waste and excess nutrients from hydroponic systems, fighting algae and bacterial growth in farm ponds, and keeping educational aquariums clean.

Green Cabomba, also known as Carolina Fanwort, is a large aquatic plant with tall branches. It has tiny, needle-like leaves that fan out from its branches. It is a wonderful plant for providing cover for fish, shrimp, and other aquatic inhabitants, plus it makes any aquarium or pond much more aesthetically pleasing.

This plant is low-maintenance and can tolerate a wide range of water parameters. However, we recommend a temperature range of 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, a pH of 6.5 to 7.5, and soft water. If you find leaves dropping from your Green Cabomba, this is likely a sign of poor water quality or a carbon dioxide deficiency.

We ship this plant LARGE – most will have 6 or more branches and will be over 8 inches tall. With proper care and high-intensity lighting, Green Cabomba can grow to almost 2 feet tall!

Product Features

  • Green Cabomba (Cabomba caroliniana), aka Carolina Fanwort, is a highly dense freshwater perennial plant that adds natural beauty to any aquatic landscape.
  • This is a truly unique looking plant with delicate, feathery leaves than fan out from its branches.
  • A great plant for beginners! Does not require special equipment, care, or knowledge.
  • Beautiful upgrade over plastic plants, which can look tacky and make your tank or pond appear unnatural.
  • All Aquatic Arts (formerly InvertObsession) brand plants and animals come with a 100% live arrival guarantee, plus free phone/text/email support directly from the owner!

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