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10PCS Plastic Green Aquarium Fish Tank Plant Green

This Aquarium Plastic Plant adds beauty and liveness to your fish tank; Your fish pet will love to play and hide among this plant.

Product Features

  • Product Name : Aquarium Plastic Plant;Color : Green
  • Material : Plastic;Base Size : 3/4″ × 1 1/8″ (L*W)
  • Length : 4 3/4″ for each
  • Weight : 119g
  • Package Contents : 10 x Aquarium Plastic Plant

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  1. AirPro says:

    Plastic Plants These do the job in my guppy fry tanks. Wouldn’t recommend these for betta because the edges are a bit rough.

  2. Truth Be Told says:

    Works in my pond I bought these to use in my goldfish pond. They look real and have a nature look. The plant base is weighted so it just sank to the bottom. I haven’t had any float back up to the top or pulled in by the pond pump. for me this is a good value at 10 pcs for 6 dollar.

  3. jason h. "jason h" says:

    nice they look nice but its sharp on the base. there is a barb at the base and the green plant goes over it with an eyelet.they come disconnected easily. still a good buy and looks good when you bury the base with gravel–edit—my fish injured his head in the sharp plastic. i wish they were softer because they atleast look nice.

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