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13 Watts In-Tank Submersible UV Sterilizer/Clarifier

This utilizes a UV-C compact fluorescent lamp that is encapsulated in our unique Quartz Sleeve that is air tight and allows for a 99% transmission rate to efficiently neutralize disease causing pathogens. All models include an integrated pump with an adjustable swivel spout and large mechanical pre-filter sponge.

A Perfect Match
We`ve taken the guess work out of sizing flow rates of pumps to lamp wattages. All models include an integrated submersible pump that is specifically sized for your aquarium which includes a swivel spout nozzle, adjustable flow valve and lamp indicator. Did we mention, you won`t need any tubes or connection fittings… it`s ready to install right out of the box.

Versatile & Compact
The Submariner is compact enough to fit in the smallest sumps and discreetly blends into aquariums. It`s streamline design and black exterior finish compliments any environment it enters.

Your First Line of Protection
The first step to long-term consistent sterilization is an adequate mechanical pre-filter to trap particulate matter and debris. Providing crystal clear water to the UV is vital to the overall success of any unit.

Water enters from the slotted sidewalls and 100% of the water is directed through the sponge and then to the UV with no bypass. Our quick-release cap instantly grants access for fast sponge replacements and regular cleaning schedules.

Encapsulated Quartz Sleeve
Our innovative design encapsulates the UV-C lamp in a commercial grade waterproof quartz sleeve that protects and allows for a 99% transmission rate for optimal performance.

Maintenance Made Simple
UV sterilizers require regular cleaning of the exterior of the quartz sleeve to remove any organic build up to effectively perform. Cleaning the quartz sleeve is made simple by unsnapping the power head off and removing the whole encapsulated quartz sleeve and rinsing off under the sink.

Product Features

  • 210-gallons per hour flow rate
  • 8 watt pump power
  • 13 watt UV Power
  • 12″ high, 3.3″ wide (with stand), 3.75″ deep (with stand)
  • Suitable for both freshwater & saltwater use

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    This works!

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    Works !!!!!

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