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150 Gal Aquarium Protein Skimmer w/ 530gph Pump Filter Powerhead Tank Salt Water

Completely self-contained: no additional equipment needed Quiet operation will have no noise to the fishes, corals or other aquatics Upper chamber detachable for frequent cleaning and maintenance Suction cups with oscula on both pump and skimmer 2 curved foam outlets help release foam faster Suitable for aquarium : 1m~1.2m Package:1 × 530 GPH Pump 1 × Skimmer 2 × Tubules (1 for backup support)

Product Features

  • Flux: 530 gph, Power: 32 W, Voltage: AC 120V/60Hz, FLmax : 2000 L/H, Hmax :1.8m
  • Tanks capacity: Recommended 80 – 150 Gal
  • Totally submersible pump & Oil-free motor
  • Double venturi pump produces almost 50,000 micro bubbles a minute – making sure everything that can be skimmed will not be missed
  • 2 applications: suck on the inside wall of aquarium or hang on the tank (hanger width: 5/8″)

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