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24″ Programmable LED Aquarium Light Fixture – EUPHOTICA 24″ Full Color Spectrum Saltwater Coral Fish Tank Grow Light

Lighting Solution:

  • 51 Energy Efficient LEDs

    White: 8 Warm White, 6 Neutral White, 6 Cool White
    Blue: 16 Royal Blue (450nm), 7 Blue (470nm)
    Violet: 4 Violet/Indigo (420nm)
    Green: 2 Green (520nm)
    Red: 2 Red (660nm)

  • 2 Channels and Moonlight with Digital Intensity Control (0-100%)

    Acclimating corals to the new LED light is made simple with its adjustable light intensity, fine tune to 1 percent increments. With a Programmable Lighting Cycle and 2 Channels Plus Moonlight features, the Euphotica can create the sought after sunrise/sunset effect specifically catered to your schedule.

  • Programmable Light Cycle

    With up to 48 Points of Customizable Light Intensity, you will be able to incorporate durations of moonlight into your daily schedule for night time viewing of your tank. The Violet Lighting included in the layout makes fluorescing corals glow vibrantly under the actinic settings.


  • LCD Panel with Capacitive (Touch) Control

    Touch-sensitive Capacitive Control Panel with LCD back-lit display is perfect for the reef aquaria setting. The intelligent touch response allows you to operate the lights while your hands are wet! LCD back-lit display makes the user interface easily readable in all lighting conditions.

  • Easy Adjustable Hanging Kit

    The Hanging Solution Kit included is made up of a unique lock assembly for secure mounting of the unit. Height Adjustment gives you more room while working with your tank and the Adjustable Tilt Angle makes sure the unit is properly positioned over your aquaria.

Contact Information

Hobbie Bug
Tel: (909)869-7325
Office Hours: 9:00AM – 6:00PM PST MON-FRI

Product Features

  • 51 LEDs Total 120W Maximum Output; Digital Intensity Control (0-100%); Programmable Light Cycle; LCD Panel with Capacitive (Touch) Control.
  • Configurable 8,000K to 20,000K Color Temperature; Full Spectrum from Violet (420nm) to Red (660nm) with 90 Degree Optic Lenses.
  • Can be operated entirely with its included Wireless Remote (Even with multiple units); Smart Power Outlet Management gives you the ability to power multiple units off of one power outlet.
  • Max Coverage Area: 28″ by 35″ (71cm x 89cm). Unit Dimension: 23-5/8″ W x 2-7/16″ H x 8-3/8″ D (60cm x 6.25cm x 21.25cm); Unit Weight: 9lbs 7oz.
  • Product Contents: One Light Unit, one Wireless Remote, one Power Cord, one Hanging Kit (Two Carabiner Hooks and two Hanging Cables), and Instruction Manual.

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