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25 Live Aquarium Plants / 8 Different Kinds – 3 Amazon Swords (3 kinds, one RED), Cabomba, Rotala and much more! Great choice of live plants for 15-20 gal. tanks!

Included in this package:

1 RED Amazon Sword (Echinodorus “Fancy Twist” ), young plant 5-7 in – produces stunning RED leaves

1 Amazon Sword (Echinodorus bleheri), 5-7 in – great plant for creating a focal point in your fish tank. Leaves with striking purple spots!

1 Amazon Sword (Echinodorus muricatus), plant 7-8 in – another great focal point Amazon Sword

3 Crypts wendtii, Cryptocoryne wendtii “Green”, 2-3 in – shade tolerant, great foreground plant!

5 stems of Cabomba aquatica- 8-10 in – excellent and easy green plant – great oxygenator in your tank!

2 stems of Narrow Leaf Hygrophila, Hygrophila salicifolia - 5-7 in – fast growing, easy aquarium plant

5 stems of Bacopa monnierii 5-7 in – excellent plant to generate green background in your tank!

7 stems of Rotala rotundifolia 5-7 in – very beautiful plant with reddish leaves – perfect for contrasting with green plants

Product Features

  • Click on our store AquaticDiscounts to see more choices for beautiful live aquarium plants.
  • Live aquarium plants will create much more natural look in your fish tank, simultaneously providing more oxygen, biological filtration, algae control and more!
  • Just like in nature, where many different species are coexisting, the most beautiful, most natural looking freshwater tanks are those with different plant kinds.
  • Make your new or already established tank look beautiful right away!
  • Great Live Aquarium Plant Sampler for 15-20 Gallon Tanks! EXTRAs ALWAYS INCLUDED!

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