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50 Black Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Bio-Balls Filtration

Product Features

  • 50 Black Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Bio-Balls Filtration; It features plastic construction with high performance stuffing.
  • 50 Aquarium Filtration excellent for oxygenating your water and helping the gas exchange process.
  • Great for any freshwater or saltwater fish tank or mini-reef aquarium; These Fish Tank Filtration are simply rinse and use.
  • The Black Bio-Balls have a structure of dense holes where live a lot of nitro-bacteria
  • Each ball size: 2.6cm(diameter); Weight: 236g; Package include: 50 x Fish Tank Bio-Balls

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  1. ShadowsTeardrop says:

    Great design These were a great design very sturdy and ideal for any filter system for a tank or pond. Highly recommended

  2. Andrew Sansom "Andrews NewsStand" says:

    My fish are happy I was going to throw away my top-fin 50 gallon filter before I saw Bio-balls used in a Make: magazine article. I tried the Bio-balls in place of the recommended filter and it works great.

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