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500 Freshwater Aquarium Fish: A Visual Reference to the Most Popular Species

500 Freshwater Aquarium Fish

500 Freshwater Aquarium Fish

500 Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Expert advice on freshwater aquarium fish.

Illustrated in full color, this comprehensive reference includes 500 of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish.

Provides concise at-a-glance information on their behavior, diet and breeding, along with a recommended aquarium setup.

Practical and well organized, this book is tailored to the needs of a wide range of freshwater-aquarium hobbyists.

A key decision for the aquarium owner, and also one of the most fun to make, is choosing the fish for a tank. 500 Freshwater Aquarium Fish is a “window shopping” trip, with an expert alongside to offer crucial advice. This thorough directory details every appropriate species. While most of the fish featured require a heated aquarium, there are other popular varieties, such as goldfish, that can be kept in an unheated one.

With more than 500 color photographs, the book is organized by major fish groups, among them:

  • Cichlids, including angelfish and discus
  • Catfish
  • Cyprinids, including barbs, danios, koi and goldfish
  • Characoids, including tetras, neons and piranhas
  • Oaches and suckers
  • Gouramis, including bettas, paradise fish and snakeheads
  • Rainbow fish and blue-eyes
  • Livebearers, including mollies and platies.

This comprehensive and useful reference, edited by a highly respected expert, will be welcomed by amateur fishkeepers of any age and expertise.

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  1. P. Marshall "P. M." says:

    Great text This is a great reference text for some common species as well as the unknown ones; especially if you want a quick reference of a variety of species to create a “species” or “community” tank this book will be helpful in decision making. The book gives good details regarding the expected size of the fish, general behavior and environment just to name a few. The photos contained within the text are well detailed. I would recommend this book to beginners and intermediate aquarists.

  2. Midwest Book Review says:

    Packed with in-depth detail perfect for setting up an aquarium. The same format graces Greg Jennings’ 500 FRESHWATER AQUARIUM FISH: A VISUAL REFERENCE TO THE MOST POPULAR SPECIES. Over 500 species and varieties are covered with basic facts on size, behavior, diet, aquarium and breeding conditions accompanying a full-color, full-page facing photo. Any home or library collection strong in aquarium references – and many a fish store – will find this packed with in-depth detail perfect for setting up an aquarium.

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