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6pcs Giant Marimo Moss Balls 0.6″~1.2″ (Cladophora aegagrophila) Live Plant Freshwater Aquarium

In Japan, people believe that Marimo moss ball will bring good luck and happiness. Marimo moss ball is very easy to take care. It has low requirement in lighting, and fertilization, slow growing. Due to it’s ball shape, you want to rotate and reposition the bal one a while, so all sides of moss ball get light Gently squeeze moss ball one a while, to change water in center of the moss ball. Moss ball would add great characteristic to an aquarium or even just a glass jar, It looks great with dwarf freshwater shrimps, like crystal red shrimp, cherry shrimp; or your betta fish bowl, etc. Plant Info Family – Cladophoraceae Genus – Cladophora Distribution – Europe, Japan Plant Type – floating Light Requirements – medium Placement – variable Hardiness/Difficulty – high/easy

Product Features

  • Easy maintenance aquatic plant Cladophora aegagrophila is a ‘decorative’ ball of algae slowly formed over time. Normally found in cold rivers and shallow lakes, where regular wave movement forms the algae into a sphere.
  • In an aquarium, spherical shape must be maintained through regular turning. It can be divided into smaller pieces, which become spherical over time. Carpet can be formed with Cladophora aegagrophila if attached to wood or stone. Helps absorb excess nutrient in tank water. Great aquascape decorator.

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  1. Boomer says:

    beta fish and little Sharky love playing, hiding and nibbling on our two Marimo …

  2. Jay Octavarium says:

    Same great moss balls ast he pet store for much cheaper.

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