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A PocketExpert Guide to Marine Fishes: 500+ Essential-To-Know Aquarium Species

—Comprehensive: 500+ species photographs, covering all popular and commonly available aquarium species —Authoritative: expert advice on feeding and captive care —Informative: aquarium suitability ratings for every species —Easy to use: complete species name and common name indexes

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  • Made by TFH Publications

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  1. Schelly Numrych says:

    Value for your aquarium dollar Interested in setting up a Fish Only Marine aquarium? Concerned about fish that will be compatible with the invertebrates in your Reef aquarium? Want to expand your knowledge beyond the 10 basic marine fish that your local aquarium store has in stock? Then this is a good book to consider. Loaded with full color pictures (on glossy paper)of marine fish, the book gives a concise summary of hundreds of these salt water inhabitants. The book itself is easier to handle than the smaller dimension Baensch Atlas and the print is larger. And the price is good value for your aquarium dollar. Bring this book with you to the aquarium store, and when you see that incredibly beautiful marine fish that you have never seen before, a quick read in this book will give you some of the information you will need to make an informed decision as to whether this fish will fare well in your aquarium at home.

  2. "pedrop123" says:

    I love this book I love this book. So far it contained all the fishes that I have seen at my local fish store and the best feature of the book is that it rates each fish from 1 to 5 where 5 indicates that it is an easy fish to keep alive in the aquarium, and 1 means it is hard to keep alive in an aquarium… This is great for me because I don’t have the best track record with keep my fish alive and want to only buy fish which are easy to keep. The notes about each fish are really good to. It is like having 20 aquarium guru’s giving you their experiences with each fish. Also, if you have a reef setup, it tells you if each fish is reef safe.

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