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Acrylic Starter Fish bowl Break Resistant Goldfish Tank Aquarium for Desk Bedroom Dorm Room Decoration (Star Shape)

Acrylic Mini Fish Bowl

The hard plastic irregular cube was designed to look like glass but at the same time it remains break resistant. Unlike other plastic glass, this irregular cube acrylic clear goldfish bowl is stand-up to prevent tipping or toppling. Fill the bowl with flowers or seaweeds to create an even brighter centerpiece.

Package Include:

1* Acrylic Mini Fish Bowl

Product Features

  • Hard Plastic Acrylic Mini Fish Bowl like an irregular cube is handcrafted to perfection and is made of crystal clear acrylic to maximize content visibility. Each cube features thick walls and base to ensure durability.
  • The compact size makes the aquarium great for use in smaller spaces, saving your space, and perfect for your small pets or beginners/ children etc.
  • Mini Acrylic Fish Bowl also is an ideal beginner fish bowl. It is crystal clear view, resistant to impact and child-friendly. Sturdy, shatter-proof plastic, crystal-clear for perfect viewing of your goldfish.
  • Its creative appearance design, attractive and sturdy acrylic clear goldfish bowl. You also can DIY, design the interior tricks according to your own preferences, so beautiful for your home decoration or interior designers on the desk or balcony etc
  • The mini goldfish bowls own break resistant because it is made of high quality acrylic material, it is not easy to be broken and not easy to be scratched unlike glass.

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  1. Andrea says:

    unethical product

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