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Amazon Frogbits Limnobium Laevigatum Live Aquarium Aquatic Floating Plant

Amazon frogbit is an excellent addition to your freshwater aquarium. It originates from South America and is often seen in lakes, ponds and rivers. The plant greatly enhances the appearance and attractiveness of any tank. Due to the way frogbit feeds directly from the water column and helps control nitrate levels, it is plant sought after by experts and beginners alike. They provide excellent cover for fish fry and shrimps.

Each purchase will include enough frogbits to cover the surface of a 4″ container in diameter. (approximately ten plants)

Product Features

  • Amazon Frogbits Freshwater Floating Plant
  • Helps control nitrates
  • Excellent cover for fish fry and shrimps
  • Provide shade to keep inhabitants calm
  • Creates a tranquil ambience

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