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An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aquarium Fish: The Authorative Reference for Fanciers of Exotic…

Hobbyists of all ages need look no further than this lavishly illustrated book, which is the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of exotic aquarium fish. Many of the 700 species included are among the most sought-after by aquarists yet are often ignored in other books.Concise yet authoritative information about each freshwater and marine fish includes family, scientific, and common name, distribution, size, food, temperature range, and pH and dH requirements. In addition, Gina Sandford suggests how to design the ideal, environmentally suitable tank and stock it with beautiful and unusual species. She offers advice on how to set up the right filtration, lighting, and heating systems.Fishkeeping is a challenge from the outset, and An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aquarium Fish gives aquarists the means to meet that challenge and enable their stock to thrive.

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