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aniPet Freshwater Aquarium Live Wallpaper (Free)

Product Features

  • Choose up to 10 animated fish for your aquarium
  • Select from over 80 species of fish
  • Feed Fish by touching the screen to drop food
  • Touch Fish to make them react
  • Use the default background options or choose your own

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  1. James Metze says:

    Great PAID app Looks GREAT on my Xoom and Droid 1, but after 2 days, you drop to only 2 fish after the trial expires. If you spring for paid, it won’t disappoint, but it is definitely a bait and switch with the free version.

  2. SaunieInDiego "SaunieInDiego" says:

    works well on lg optimus s nice graphics, looks like aquarium. would be nice with more fish. I Really appreciate How YOU CAN MOVE THIS TO SD CARD. I would like to see more fish though.

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