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API Reef Master Test Kit

API’s REEF Master Test Kit measures the most important aquarium levels in a Reef Aquarium. 4 different tests calibrated specifically for Reef aquariums are designed to protect reef-dwellers from dangerous water conditions. Tests include: Calcium, Carbonate Hardness (KH), Phosphate & Nitrate), 4 test tubes, tray.

Product Features

  • Includes all tests required to test the nitrogen cycle
  • Kit includes laminated color card, 4 test tubes and holding tray
  • Includes instruction booklet on how to correct unsafe water conditions

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  1. R. Garth "rgarth" says:

    Excellent Test Kit and at a great price. I have used Salifert, Elos, Redsea and a bunch of others. While it’s really hard to guage the accuracy of all these kits, one can assume at least +/- 10% readings. With the API kit I see small enough changes reflected in the readings to give me confidence that it’s within the ball Park of ELOS and Salifert, so at a the current price API is a clear winner. I also like that these tests are simpler to preform than most of the others, so thats a real plus.

  2. Patrick says:

    Great kit for the money When combined with the Saltwater Master Test Kit, these kits provide all the tests that a beginning reef master could want. I am using these tests in a 40 gallon breeder reef tank, and so far they have been easy to use and reliable. The only complaint I have is that they are sometimes hard to read on certain tests. It is hard to decipher the different levels from one another if they are close.Still, I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone that has a reef tank.

  3. Matthew R. Drinkwine says:

    A good API kit but……. I have long used API test kits for my reefs, so I want to point out that they do put quality tests on the shelves at an affordable price. However, this particular kit would be far more useful if it had an ammonia test in place of the KH test. Alkalinity, hardness and PH are all quite closely related, and a PH test is not part of this kit. Therefore, it is my opinion that an ammonia test would be far more useful than the hardness test. Another piece of my rhetoric is that reef keepers who aim to keep high Ca parameters (350-400) generally use RO/DI, or distilled water , and a salt mix they trust to maintain PH and hardness parameters. Ammonia, or even Nitrite is simply a source of greater concern to me than KH. These are my opinions, and I will say again that API pharm makes reliable tests, but I feel this one could be far better if only an Ammonia test were included.

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