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API Saltwater Master Test Kit

A complete kit for testing saltwater & reef aquariums.Test include:high range pH, ammonia,nitrite,nitrate,4 test tubes, tray & rack.Tests water 4 ways to protect marine fish from dangerous water conditions.

Product Features

  • Over 550 tests
  • Kit includes laminated color card, 4 test tubes and holding tray
  • Includes instruction booklet on how to correct unsafe water conditions

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  1. AMiller says:

    Out dated solutions I received my test kit in a timely manner only to find out that the solutions were outdated. For those that don’t know on the API test kits each bottle has a lot number, the last 4 numbers correspond to the date of which they were bottled, so if the last four digits read 0607 then the solution was bottled on June of 2007. API says that their solutions are good for 3 years, I always change my kits out every year (better to be safe than sorry). My suggestion would be to not purchase these kinds of kits over the internet unless you know for sure that they are not outdated.

  2. Jeannette Starr says:

    EXCELLENT! Fast ship and great price; much better pricing than a store has to offerExpiration dates are perfect!!! not sure why some have complained about exp dates already expired, so they must have resolved that issue. My exp dates are 2016 and 2017, so great product on my end.would recommend you buy a test tube holder. The case will work but it is easier to use if you have an actual holder. they sell them on amazon.

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