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Aqua Mist® Add-A-Stone Aerating Aquarium Ornament, 10″ long

With the Aqua Mist® Add-A-Stone aerating ornaments you can create a beautiful flow of bubbles that will add to your decor while helping to aerate your aquarium. Made of a durable pourous material, each Aqua Mist® Add-A-Stone can be connected to your air pump & tubing (not included) using the standard 3/16″ tubing connection to provide an endless stream of bubbles. A second connection allows for the addition of more air stones or ornaments so there is no need to run an additional lines all the way back to your valves or pumps. The Aqua Mist® Add-A-Stone can be set at any angle in your tank, and can be buried without fear of clogging. Approximately 2″ wide, these stones are available in 5-1/2″ and 10″ lengths and will look perfect in your underwater environment.

Product Features

  • Provides a continuous flow of bubbles to help aerate your aquarium.
  • Second connection allows for additional stones or ornaments to be added.
  • Uses standard 3/16″ tubing connections.
  • Requires air pump and 3/16″ tubing. (not included)
  • Continue to add other great Penn-Plax® aquarium ornaments & items.

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  1. kone "kone" says:

    Beautiful to Look at and Moves Water Fish do better in water that is not stagnant, therefore, adding an airstone not only increases the oxygen content of the water, but gets the water moving in a circular current. Moving water keeps debris from lodging on the bottom, and keeps the aquarium ecosystem healthier. Therefore, I purchased two 6″ stones and have one at each end of my 55 gallon tank. The bubbles are fine (smaller) and give the aquarium interest. The stones attach to standard hose and run off an air pump.konedog

  2. Anil Saisbhan says:

    Lovely bubbles! But not across the entire stone. I had a cylindrical sort of sponge thingy that used to emit just one plume of bubbles and was taking up valuable room in the 2-foot tank for the 5 fishes in there. This one rests on the bottom of the tank and I had to secure it with a stone. It emits a stream across almost the entire length of the stone and it’s beautiful. You can see more coming out of one end rather than the other. The kids love staring at the bubbles! We’ll see how long it lasts. I know these stones tend to get clogged up after a while. I’ll have to do some research to see what I can do for periodic maintenance.

  3. Gaurav Gulati "Gaurav Gulati" says:

    Just got mine & no bubbles at all =(( I just received mine and I set it up in my 10G tank and ZERO bubbles. Seems like it doesn’t breath at all. I tried to scratch the surface a little bit & washed it under the tap to remove any debris… No go.Air Pump if good for upto 20g Tank. I’m amazed by reading the review that I’m the only one with no bubbles =((

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