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Aquaria – The Freshwater Aquarium

In The Freshwater Aquarium, fish from around the world glide in and out of a jungle of a hundred shades of green. The gentle swaying of forest relaxes both the fish and the viewer. Interesting, rare, graceful, and colorful fish and sea life will take you into a unique world, where you will find: Blue Gourami, Tiger Loach, Mexican Sailfin Molly, Madagascar Rainbow Fish, Ghost Glass Catfish, Flame Honey Dwarf Gourami, Neon Tetra, Bolivian Ram, plus creatures large and small.

Throughout the ages, we return to the water in search of peace, relaxation, and tranquility. Maybe that’s why an aquarium is so mesmerizing, so serene. The Aquaria series is for everyone. It’s designed for people who want easy relaxation, as it is great to watch or simply leave on as a visual and audio background for life around the house. Aquaria is a serious program about aquarium fish and sea life. If you’re thinking of building or adding to your aquarium, Aquaria allows you to preview designs and fish. It also gives you important information about each fish, including care, handling, and tips for first-time buyers. The screensavers, calendars, and downloads are fun and add to your computer enjoyment. It’s even for people who want an exciting aquarium in their home without all the work and mess. The program is one of five exciting aquariums in the Aquaria series. Each has the same high quality and is a unique aquarium: The Exotic Aquarium, The Natural Aquarium, The Freshwater Aquarium, The Classic Aquarium, The Coral Reef Aquarium. All five programs can be found on Aquaria: The Complete Aquarium Collection.

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