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Aquarium Care of Fancy Guppies (Animal Planet Pet Care Library)

Fancy guppies are one of the most popular aquarium fish around the world. This book assists with making guppy selections and offers valuable information on keeping, breeding, and showcasing these fancy fish. Useful tip boxes in each chapter show every member of the household how to make the most out of owning a pet.

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  1. Bortz "bortzyboy" says:

    Great info: from beginner to advanced hobbyist Stan, the author, has been breeding IFGA show quality guppies for over 30 years. He consistently places in the top three at the IFGA shows. Guppy strains have come a long way over the years with ever increasing beauty and new colors. This book will show you how to keep all guppies in top condition with great advice on feeding, water quality, lighting and disease. Many color photos and many are of Stan’s own IFGA show fish. Even if you only have a tank or two of guppies obtained from the local fish store, this book will have something of value for you. There’s a small section on how to selectively breed your gupps to maintain their quality and keep the offspring looking like the parents. I encourage guppy enthusiasts to pick up a copy of this book.Like Stan, I’m also a member of the IFGA and encourage you to show your guppies at one of the shows and share the guppy hobby with a youngster, to keep this fascinating hobby alive for future generations.

  2. D. Williams says:

    Great book This is a great book to learn about guppies and has great pics, i do think this book is more for breeders then for beginners, as for just a basic home tank i found myself still asking some questions, but still has a lot of good info.

  3. MG says:

    Guppies are Gorgeous! This book was purchased for my 12 year old daughter who has 2 aquariums in her room. One large tank is full of guppies happily breeding. This book has lots of useful information which my daughter refers to often. The book is easy to follow and many lovely photos.Thanks.

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