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Aquarium Fish Tank Super Pneumatic Biochemical Activated Carbon Filter

Feature: -Come with good quality air stone, can increase the solubility of oxygen in the water. -Great oxygen increasing effect will build your fish a healthy growth environment. -Fashionable and beautiful, small volume, low noise, long service life. -To filter water quality, and help cultivate nitrifying bacteria. -Vertical angle design, can be placed in the fish tank corner. -Removable structure, easy to use. -Use SI-18 Filter material replacement. -Need to connect oxygen pump -Suitable for aquarium below 26L, such as small fish tank, circular tank, irregular tank,etc -Fix design of suckers -High-density sponge filter -High-performance activated cardon Using Method: Connect with Air pump vent hole, directly into the fish tank to use. Product Attributes: Color: Blue Dimension: 8*8*5.5cm/3.15*3.15*2.17Inch (L*W*H)Quantity: 1 Pcs Package Include: 1 x Biochemical Activated Carbon Filter(Air pump not included) Note: 1.Please replace sponge filter and activated carbon regularly, better once every two months. 2.Package not included oxygen pump,please buy separately.

Product Features

  • Using environmental high density sponge filter and high-performance activated carbon as filter material
  • Can absorb dirt, quickly resolve fish feces and eliminate smell in water
  • Combined air pump using, can improve water oxygen level
  • Achieve oxygenation and biofiltration double effect, keep water clean
  • Dimension: 8*8*5.5 cm.

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