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Aquarium for your Home – Saltwater Reef an Aquarium for your Television

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  1. Arlene Dayoan says:

    Visually Stunning I have always been fascinated with the ocean and marine life. When I stumbled upon this video, I found it amazing and visually stunning. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the television screen. I was blown away by the clarity, quality, and the production value of the video. I loved how the camera captured the aquatic life surrounding the busy reef. The color just popped on the screen.This video comes highly recommended if you want to enjoy watching something beautiful and relaxing.

  2. White Raven "zxy" says:

    Needs R17 rating! This video should have bee rated R17 for explicit content. These fish are totally nude! They remain that way thru the whole film. The film maker did not even have the decency to put pants on these smut peddling smelt! Hard to believe that this is recommended for families.

  3. Charles Culbertson says:

    Stunning video for recreation or education – Top Notch! I initially purchased “Saltwater Reef: An Aquarium for Your Television” for my wife, who is a biology teacher, thinking she might find it of value in her classroom. She did – but I quickly found it perfectly suited to my purposes, as well. First, my wife: Not only was she smitten with the color, the quality, the crispness and the top-notch production values, but she also was blown away by the incredible variety of saltwater life that populated this intriguing production. She and her students have watched it over and over, and have used it for both educational and recreational purposes – precisely as you would a real aquarium!As for me: Once I saw it, I had to have one for myself. I use it in my office as a fascinating yet calming visual that not only helps me get through the day, but stimulates my creativity and serves as a terrific conversation starter. The price – $1.99 for a 7-day rental or $3.99 for purchase – is highly reasonable and may be even underpriced. You certainly get more than your money’s worth, which is rare in ANY product these days. “Saltwater Reef: An Aquarium for Your Television” is the perfect marriage of quality and affordability.

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