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Aquarium for Your Home: Saltwater Reef an Aquarium for Your Television

See an amazing saltwater reef aquarium that took years to build and flourish. See colorful Star Fish along with the zany antics of our clown fish named “Nemo” and a variety of others. Look close for glimpses of tiny snails, shrimp and a variety of living aquatic plant life including coral. Watch the fish as they play – and look back at you, then even show off. As you watch, you’ll see star fish slowly move, and tiny white snails floating through the water and climbing up the front of your screen. Everything seems to be alive as you look close and see tiny sea creatures and newly born organisms in every scene. This DVD also includes our Goldfish segment! Your undersea adventures await! Fun to watch anytime or just play it in the background as a screensaver for your television. Gold fish is a fun and zany aquarium tank with energetic fish swimming and having a bubbling good time. Watch and learn with them. Can you count how many times they swim through the underwater arch? Or try your luck and guess what they will do next. Fun for the kid in all of us. It’s like owning a Goldfish without the work or trouble.
As an added bonus you’ll also get a beautiful mountain stream for your television. Watch the water as it flows over the rocks. See insects as they buzz by or watch a leaf or two fall from a tree. A great relaxing backdrop to play all th time. Designed to be a static display – this edition does not change or rotate to different scenes. Filmed on location at the base of Mt St Helens in Washington State.

Product Features

  • Easy to use – Plays automatically – Loops automatically
  • Filmed in High Definition
  • Great for parties, meetings and offices
  • The perfect screensaver

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