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Aquarium Gravel Cleaner for Fish Tanks – Removes Excess Fish Food and Waste – Naturally Removes Toxins Better than Pump Kits – 2-in-1 Solution Works in Both Freshwater & Saltwater

Natural Gravel Cleaner for Fish Tanks

This product is a natural formulation of beneficial aquarium bacteria, which will eliminate fish wastes, excess fish food, toxic ammonia & nitrite, problem-causing nitrate & phosphate, as well as odors in aquarium water. It reduces the number of yearly water changes needed to keep gravel clean, by biologically eliminating the organic wastes that accumulate in the gravel. This natural formulation will safely create a healthy and crystal clear aquarium for you and your fish.

* Reduces Number of Water Changes

* Eliminates Fish Wastes

* Removes Excess Fish Food That Accumulates in Gravel

* Improves Water Quality & Clarity

Product Features

  • NATURALLY DERIVED FISH TANK CLEANER – NON-CHEMICALLY degrades fish wastes & excess fish food from gravel
  • REMOVES COMMON AQUARIUM TOXINS – Safely and quickly removes toxic ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate
  • MARKET LEADING 2-in-1 AQUARIUM CLEANER – The market’s safest and most effetive 2-in-1 natural aquarium gravel cleaner that works in freshwater AND saltwater, saving you time and money
  • EXTENDS TIME BETWEEN WATER CHANGES – Reduces the need for frequent aquarium water changes by naturally removing the organic wastes in the aquarium
  • CLEAN AND CLEAR AQUARIUM WATER AND AQUARIUM GRAVEL CLEANER: Safely creates healthy and crystal clear water for your aquarium and your fish and helps keep fish tank decorations cleaner!!

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  1. James E Martinez says:

    After 2 treatments , I am already impressed with Gravel Cleaner

  2. Buyer says:

    It seems to be clearing up my tank quite a …

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