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Aquarium Lamp with Fish : Ocean in Motion Revolving Aquatic Scene – Best Seller on Amazon

Aquarium Lamp: Ocean in Motion. Fish that “swim” in a colorful lighted seabed come to life with the flick of a switch. A moving picture creates the illusion that the water and fish are in motion. Great for home or office. A/C powered. 9″H 13″W x3″D

Product Features

  • Lighted revolving fish scene
  • Soothing movement for helping children to sleep
  • Relaxing aquarium look movement
  • Watch the video at:
  • Maximum recommended continuous use is 8 hours. A/C operated with on/off switch.

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  1. Franklin Sames "sames" says:

    Bound for the landfill My wife and I purchased the light for a nightlight for our son who recently began fearing monsters. We had seen similar lamps at doctors offices and my son was excited about it. We were alarmed at how cheaply it was made and that it didn’t appear that you could ever change the lightbulb. Within two days, it started making a noise when plugged in that was loud enough that my son said he would not be able to sleep with it on. I know that you get what you pay for but unless we got a lemon this thing is not worth the $16 dollars.We mailed the light back before we contacted the seller and did not hear from them until we emailed. Soon after the email, the seller did refund the cost and the initial shipping but asked us not to mail the light back even though we had mentioned that we had mailed the lamp back and the amount of shipping. We were never refunded the cost of mailing the light back.This is the type of product that fills up landfills with cheap plastic. Do yourself and the world a favor, save your money and buy something that will last.

  2. E. Noepel says:

    Disposable My 3 year old daughter loved this lamp, until it stopped lighting up after 9 months. Disassembly revealed the bulb is non-replaceable, directly soldered to the control circuitry. I am very disappointed with the design.

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