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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Aquarium Salt for Freshwater Fish, 65 oz., #106C

An all natural salt, made from evaporated sea water. Helps improve gill function to reduce stress. Reduces electrolyte loss and promotes healthy gill function. Can be used with most aquarium remedies to improve recovery from disease.

  • 65 oz. carton
  • Product Features

    • Doc Wellfish’s Aquarium Salt is made from evaporated sea water. This all-natural salt is intended fo
    • Aquarium Salt can also be used to reduce the toxicity of nitrite to freshwater fish. Nitrite (NO2-)
    • Aquarium Salt contains no artificial additives, sugar and, unlike table salt, no artificial color. I
    • Once added to the aquarium, salt does not evaporate and is not filtered out! After making the initia
    • Add one rounded tablespoonful for every 5 U.S. gallons (19 L) of aquarium water. To treat goldfish b

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