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Aquariums DVD – Aquarium TV Jukebox 2 -Choose out 9 Fish Tanks with Music and Nature Sounds

The follow up to our popular Aquarium TV Jukebox DVD, AQUARIUM TV JUKEBOX 2 has eight great aquariums

All filmed using high quality Full HD cameras, to turn your television into a spectacular aquarium… Eight very different aquariums to suit every TV and every situation

1. Freshwater Tank, a relaxing aquarium with wonderful magenta plants,

2. Coral Reef, a superb seawater aquarium with beautiful coral,

3. Malawi Aquarium, with colourful fish from Lake Malawi in Africa,

4. Seahorses, a tank with fish and yellow seahorses,

5. Tanganyika Tank, an aquarium with lots of small fish from Africa’s lake Tanganyika,

6. American Cichlids, a realistic underwater environment with fish from middle America,

7. Tropical Fish, with lively fish in a bright aquarium, and

8. Night Aquarium, a great tank to enjoy in the evening…

Aquarium TV Jukebox 2 also has a choice of six relaxing soundtracks with bubbles, African lake sounds, waves, and three specially composed music tracks.

Just select an aquarium and it will play continuously, or use the Play All function to play each track in turn. Please note: Non-profit public screenings of this DVD for small companies, for instance in Health Spas, Doctor and Dentist Waiting Rooms, Restaurants and Bars, are allowed at one location, free of charge, on up to 4 TV screens up to 40 inches wide.


*All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.

*Tracks repeat automatically – play one continuously or use the Play All function.

Product Features

  • Turn your TV into a realistic aquarium.
  • 9 Aquariums with a choice of 6 different audio tracks.
  • All aquariums filmed with Full HD cameras for high quality.
  • Coral, Sea horses, Freshwater and Salt water aquariums – something for everyone.
  • Tracks repeat automatically for an endless aquarium on your television.

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