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Aquariums DVD – Aquarium TV Jukebox – 8 Fish Tanks with Natural Sounds and Music

A DVD from the Ambient Collection® – Filmed with high definition cameras.

Tropical Aquariums – Relaxing Bubbles – Colourful Coral. Turn your TV into an aquarium with this great DVD! The Aquarium TV Jukebox DVD has eight different tracks, all filmed using high-definition cameras.

1. Living Coral

2. Discus Bubbles

3. Tropical Tank

4. Deep Sea

5. Goldfish

6. Shark Tank

7. North Sea

8. Warm Waters

Watch fishes swim around colourful coral, Discus fish gliding through rising bubbles, rare fish in an award-winning tank, plus goldfish, sharks, stingrays and many more fascinating fish. Play tracks continuously with the relaxing soundtrack of natural bubbles or play each aquarium in turn and choose out of six audio tracks: Music, Waves, Music & Waves, Bubbles, North Sea Waves or a bonus Coral Tranquility music track composed by German musician Simon Daum. Tracks were filmed using HD cameras, however this is a standard definition DVD and is guaranteed to play in all DVD players. Please note: Non-profit public screenings of this DVD, for instance in Health Spas, Waiting Rooms, Restaurants and Bars, are allowed, free of charge, on up to 4 TV screens.


*All tracks accompanied by natural sounds recorded on location.

*Tracks repeat automatically – play one continuously or use the Play All function.

Product Features

  • Filmed in HD.
  • 8 Great Aquariums to choose from.
  • Choose a tank and it will play continuously.
  • Play All 8 aquariums in turn with a choice of 6 audio tracks.

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