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Aquarius Aq360-3g Gloview 3-Gallon Aquarium Kit

AQUARIUS AQ360-3G GloView 3-Gallon Aquarium Kit includes a hood, LED GloLight, Under Gravel Filter and air pump. The clear, seamless design offers 360-degree panoramic viewing. The specially-designed hood increases ambient light, while the included, specialized LED lights even further enhance the colors of your tropical and freshwater fish, creating the appearance that your fish actually glow in th e dark. Gl oLig ht features four selectable options (White only, Blue for optimum Glo, Blue for night light, and White/Blue combo). Perfect for beginning aquarists; simply add brightly colored substrate, plants and fluorescent fish. Aquarius Aquariums provide the best habitat for your pets.

Product Features

  • Generous 3-Gallon Capacity – Clear
  • Seamless Design Offers 360-Degree Panoramic Viewing
  • Includes Under Gravel Filter With Air Pump Tubing And Specially-Designed Full Hood
  • Create The Appearance That Your Fish Are Actually Glowing In The Dark Provides The Ideal Habitat For Your Pets – Perfect For Beginning Aquarists
  • LED Lighting Feature Has 4 Selectable Options (White Only Blue for Optimum Glo Blue for Night Light And White/Blue Combo) Illuminate The Natural Display Your Fish Provide

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  1. David Galli says:

    Great desktop tank! This tank offers a 360 degree view of the fish. (Including the cool “bending” effect you get in a curricular tank that you don’t get in a square or rectangle) Hood as a LED lamp with 4 settings: White, Blue, Blue moonlight and Blue & White. Blue enhances the color of the fish. White simulates daylight. I leave the Blue & White on during the day for effect. The hood also features two “knock-outs” on the back for an optional hang-on filter and a notch for the air tubing and optional heater cord. Also includes an under-gravel filter. Very sturdy as well!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Easy to set up and beautiful! I want a few more. Would make an amazing gift for the fish enthusiast. Because it is only 3 gallons you can move it and clean it easily.

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