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Aquarius Aq360-6g Gloview 6-Gallon Aquarium Kit

AQUARIUS AQ360-6G GloView 6-Gallon Aquarium Kit includes a hood, LED GloLight and a Mini Might Filter. The clear, seamless design offers 360-degree panoramic viewing. The specially-designed hood increases ambient light, while the included, specialized LED lights even further enhance the colors of your tropical and freshwater fish, creating the appearance that your fish actually glow in the dark. GloLight features four selectable options (White only, Blue for optimum Glo, Blue for night light, and White/Blue combo). Perfect for beginning aquarists; simply add brightly colored substrate, plants and fluorescent fish. Aquarius Aquariums provide the best habitat for your pets.

Product Features

  • Generous 6-Gallon Capacity – Clear, Seamless Design Offers 360-Degree Panoramic Viewing
  • Includes Mini Might Filter With Air Pump, Tubing, And Specially-Designed Full Hood
  • LED Lighting Feature Has 4 Selectable Options (White Only, Blue for Optimum Glo, Blue for Night Light, And White/Blue Combo)
  • Illuminate The Natural Display Your Fish Provide; Create The Appearance That Your Fish Are Actually Glowing In The Dark
  • Provides The Ideal Habitat For Your Pets – Perfect For Beginning Aquarists

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  1. Bad Willow says:

    The one and only… When I first saw this kit,I was like “Cute.” I’ve read about the included filter and a bunch of other “better” filters.I’ve read about the fact that it’s acrylic instead of glass.(huh?) To all the naysayers,I say…I like it.No,it’s not a 55 gallon tank outfit with a canister filter but if that’s what you want go for it. Yes,I’m sure there are better acrylic/plastic tanks out there,but my fish a/k/a “The Rat Pack” like it. When you add your own gravel,plants,aquarium decor (and fish!),it looks and works pretty good. Overall,I am VERY satisfied. P.S. : The blue light setting at the top brings it all home.

  2. Mr. Coop says:

    Pretty Good So Far I got this aquarium about a month ago. Set up is a breeze for any beginner. Cut outs on black top were easily removed with a sharp knife. Be careful not scratch the acrylic tank with decorations as it may be easily scratched depending on the decorations placed into it. With about two inches of gravel on the bottom of the tank it holds barely more than 5 gallons of water. The miniMight filter provided has been able to do the job. Warning if you notice you are missing any small skinny sized fish they may have been sucked into the bottom of the filter as the intake is wide enough to do this. I found one of my glofish in it after searching for a few minutes. It does not come with any form of air bubbler(call it what ya want) or air pump related items so you may want to consider them because the tank itself is pretty tall.

  3. Lota says:

    Decent little set-up with room for improvement Best bang for the buck, for sure. Looks good, but could look better. As everyone else says, the glow light isn’t quite strong enough to reach the bottom, where of course, all the glow-in-the-dark plants and decorations are located. Plants and glofish do not glow as if under a true black light – mimics a black light yes, as vibrant, no.Not sure the small surface area on top is enough for oxygen exchange if you are housing more than a couple of fish, so be sure to add a bubbler. I was able to install a bubbler and a cheap heater without cutting out any part of the cover – there’s just enough space at the back to thread everything.Do not add SMALL glofish or any other small fish that may get sucked into the filter – adult glofish are fine. The filter provides a little shadow for hiding, right where the hole is… Be sure to snap on the flow feature that comes with the filter. That enables the flow to punch down into the steep column of water. Also if you don’t, you might find the filter provides too much of a current. It IS a good, strong filter for its dainty size.This tank was by far a lot less money than comparable tanks or even smaller tanks. If the price difference were negligible, I would look for a tank with better black light visibility. The black light is really my only complaint – a significant one because I specifically wanted a black light tank. But for a regular tank of its size, with its great filter and 3 light settings, great tank for the price.

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