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Aqueon Kit Betta Falls

Relax to the calming presence of cascading water while admiring the natural beauty of betta. Aqueon Betta Falls are available in black or white. Compact enough to make an elegant statement anywhere in your home or office.

Product Features

  • Cascading waterfall feature
  • Sleek curved design is large enough to make a statement; yet compact enough for a desktop
  • Quiet Flow power filtration with included filter cartridge help keep water clean and healthy
  • Frosted panels prevent betta from seeing each other

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  1. Marlena Parra says:

    CLICK AWAY FAST…find a different tank this one KILLS FISH! (I did not purchase from Amazon, but local store in white.) I have had this tank for 3 weeks tomorrow. After less than one week I came home from work to find that the beta in tank 2 was in tank 3 and had nearly killed my beta in that tank. I called the store and they asked me to bring the crippled beta back. He luckily was not dead and one of the employees there is nursing him back to health (she is skilled with betas, but I unfortunately will never know if he fully recovers since they are closing tomorrow) and they gave me another larger beta for free. I set it up in the 2nd tank and left the smaller one in the 3rd tank thinking that maybe that was why it had happened. I also blocked the opening where the water was falling from the 1st tank into the 2nd tank to prevent that beta from doing the same thing and did the same for the 2nd tank to the 3rd tank, just in case, with small plants. Again today, I came in my living room to find the fish from tank 1 had fallen through with the waterfall into the 2nd tank. Not only that, but the waterfall had pinned him against the tank wall between the 2nd tank and the plant in that tank and he wasn’t able to move. Luckily, the beta in that tank either didn’t notice he was in there or couldn’t get to him because of how he was trapped and therefore didn’t attack him. However, I have no idea how long he was trapped like that and without oxygen. When I freed him and put him back in his tank, he didn’t move or swim for 2-3 hours. He seems fine now. The flow of water is WAY TOO much for all of these betas even on LOW, and they are of differing sizes. To compensate for this, I moved the plants positioning them to be in the flow of the waterfall to help block the current. This has helped only slightly. My second complaint about this tank is that it is very difficult to feed the fish. You have to remove the lids to feed them making sure that you don’t put the food anywhere near the current or it is swept out of their tank and into the next tank before they can eat it. Or the food will fly to the bottom of the tank and the betas are chasing it around the tank before it escapes or becomes buried in the rocks. If the food gets into the 3rd tank and that fish eats it, then no problem, but if not, his tank is now dirtier than the other two from the excess food that keeps landing in his tank. I have also already had to change the filter after 3 weeks of owning it and added water to the tank 3 times. I have another beta who was in a 1 gallon cylinder and has now been moved to a 2 gallon bowl and I haven’t had to add water or change the filter on it at all. I put that beta in the 2 gallon bowl the same day I got this tank. I think they need to fix the many design flaws of this tank. I was reading reviews on many sites where people stated they had the same problem of the fish going through the waterfall and getting into the other enclosures. I have had to explain this to my boys now twice. I am currently on the hunt for a new tank. I have the water turned off on this and I’m basically using it as 3 separate tanks on one single stand until I find something else. I turn the filter on when I am home only and to filter/clean the water once each night. I can’t believe they thought the space under the grate wouldn’t suck a fish through it. Serious design flaw! Maybe I need to find another type of fish that can live in this tank and won’t kill each other when they slide through the falls or just throw it away like I planned. I also point out to Aqueon on their Facebook page that if I can see the plant through the side of the tank (see the picture with the red fish), then the fish can also see each other. The photo with the pen shows the opening the fish are escaping through, and the water is off in this picture. They are not going through the slits, but the opening under the slits. To accommodate, I put a plant there, which you see in the next 3 photos. What happened today is when we fed them, we have to remove the lids because you can’t feed them through the opening because that is where the waterfall is, the plant got knocked sideways leaving enough space for the red fish in the picture to squeeze through with the waterfall where you see the pen pointing in the first picture. He ended up pinned up against the 2nd tank wall and the green plant you see in that tank through the “clouded” side. These pictures were taken before the incident today. The blue fish is the replacement fish from the first incident with this tank that completely caused the devastation to the first fish I had in the 3rd tank (last picture of the fish with the shredded fins and tail-he was so beautiful and I hope he recovers). Don’t buy this tank until a new version comes out addressing the issues with the water flow being too strong (even on low), the design flaw in the waterfall being too large that the fish end up in the other enclosures, and the lack of a way to feed them without removing the lids…

  2. Kisstina1223 says:

    This tank killed 3 fish

  3. Logan says:

    You Betta Think Twice

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