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BioBubble Aqua Terra Habitat, 2 gal, Black

The Aqua Terra is an innovative habitat for small fish and plants. Its modern design makes this tank ideal for a variety of spaces, including at home, in an office, or dorm. The Aqua Terra includes a 3D background for easy and quick decorating, is constructed of marine grade acrylic for safety and crystal clear views, has a compartment to hide lighting wire, and comes entirely assembled.

Product Features

  • Includes 3D Coral Background
  • Easy to clean with no assembly needed, open top for easy access for feeding aquatic animals and to grow taller plants
  • Safe non-toxic, marine-grade acrylic construction for crystal clear views
  • Modern design, available in 1 & 2 gallons, and a variety of colors
  • Perfect for Beta Fish

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  1. bianca green says:

    Not a tank for bettas!!!

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    The tank leaked out at the bottom around the black …

  3. Steve Lehrer says:

    It’s “Bio”, burst my “Bubble”!

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