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Brazilian Pennywort – 2 Bunches – Large Live Aquarium Plants by Aquatic Arts

Brazilian Pennywort is a popular stem plant that grows quickly along runners and has very colorful green leaves. The leaves closely resemble lily pads in shape and color. Brazilian Pennywort can thrive even in poorly lit aquariums, and in the right conditions it is a very aggressive grower, meaning it provides excellent waste removal from the water column. This item comes with 2 to 4 stems that are 8 to 16 inches in length, making this a large foreground plant at a low price.

Product Features

  • Aquatic Arts has the most highly rated aquarium plants on Amazon for a reason: we are not deceptive about what you will actually receive and we confidently stand behind our products
  • Very fast growing and low maintenance plant; Great for fish and dwarf shrimp fry
  • Does not need special or high intensity lighting; can be kept in any freshwater aquarium
  • Provides biofilm, hiding places, and security for the young when you place it in a breeding tank
  • Bright and healthy, kept in water in a dedicated tank rather than plastic packaging, which will cause your plant to arrive much healthier

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