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Central Aquatics Island 7.5-Gallon Glass Aquarium Kit with LED Light, 50W Heater and Filter

With its contemporary, sleek look, this aquarium kit is the perfect match for any decor. A touch on/off switch controls the concealed LED lights and the 50-watt water heater keeps the water at just the right temperature. The kit also includes a power filter and cartridge for healthy, clean water, and the cartridge is easily accessible for simple maintenance.

Product Features

  • LED 7.5 gallon cube aquarium kit with black background. 13.25″ W x 12.25″ D x 15.00″ H
  • CONCEALED LED LIGHTS – LED day bright light brings your aquarium to life! The LED light is hidden in the rim for a contemporary look. Simple Touch ON/OFF switch allows you to turn lights on and off without bulky switches.
  • POWER FILTER AND CARTRIDGE – Power filtration with replaceable filter cartridge keeps water clean and healthy for active fish. The replaceable Aqua-Tech #5 cartridge is easily accessible, making maintenance simple.
  • PRESET HEATER – Preset to 78 degrees Fahrenheit, the submersible preset aquarium heater provides the warmth tropical fish need to stay healthy and active.
  • FISH RECOMMENDATIONS – Platys, Barbs, Danios Mollies, Tetra

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