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Cholla Wood, 3 Nice Pieces of Aquarium Driftwood Decoration by Aquatic Arts

Cholla Wood is a fantastic and natural way to lower and buffer pH. This is the only kind of driftwood used by Aquatic Arts for all of our low-pH tanks, including some of our dwarf shrimp tanks. The pieces of driftwood add a natural beauty to any aquarium in which they are placed, and dwarf shrimp particularly love to graze for biofilm on the surfaces of the wood. If you have small fish that could become stuck inside the cholla (very rare occurrence), we suggest plugging the holes on the ends with aquarium gravel. The wood has already been cleaned and cured, and is ready for aquarium use with no preparation. If you want to avoid excess tannins in the water, you can also boil it before use. The wood pieces may take up to one to two days to sink to the bottom of your tank.

Product Features

  • Contains at least 3 pieces that are at least 5 inches in length
  • Ready for tank use out of the box, or you can boil the wood first to remove excess tannins
  • Lowers and buffers pH; perfect for lowering pH gently and naturally
  • Great for planting plant buds and anchoring moss
  • Produces ideal water conditions for acidic loving animals

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