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Dr. Axelrod’s Mini Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes

1000 pages of text and over 1800 color photos. This atlas contains information about identification, health, feeding, reproduction and aquarium maintenance with multiple indexes. The only guide you need for raising fish.

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  1. "usrbingeek" says:

    Great for serious hobbyists A priceless acurate reference that should be brought with you on every trip to the pet/fish store. The atlas features pictures of just about every freshwater fish you will ever come across. It provides each fishes feeding habits (dry food, live worms, live fish, or vegetarian) and reproduction type (egglaying or livebearer), recommenced aquarium lighting, recommended aquarium setup (planted aquarium, rocks; no plants, only gravel, rocks-plants-and driftwood), its swimming habits (bottom dweller, top swimmer, etc) and its temperament. The fish are ordered and only listed using the fish’s scientific Latin name. For the common name you must look in the index in the back of the book. All measurements and temperatures are only given in metric. Beginners looking for a similar book with all measurements in standard US measurements would be better off with Aquarium Fish, by Dick Mills (Amazon ISBN#1564582930.)

  2. Emily L. "emisi" says:

    Occasionally difficult, but a great reference Need to know if a certain breed of unusual fish is compatible with, say, your angelfish? Dr. Axelrod knows. This atlas is amazing in it’s depth for a “mini-atlas,” with page after page of freshwater fish. And then he gets into the real meat of fishkeeping after that! Although it can occasionally be difficult to use (the fish are listed by their scientific name in general, not their common name, which can make looking up a certain fish difficult), all in all this is an incredible book, and one every fishkeeper should have on their bookshelf.

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