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EcoBio-Block Stone for Aquariums, Medium – Biological Water Clarifier and Odor Remover, Maintains Healthy Clear Water, Treats 8 to 60 Gallons

Simply rinse off the Eco Bio-Stone for your size tank (S, M or M 2-pack), soak overnight and place in aquarium. Using nature’s system of purifying water, Eco Bio-Block’s beneficial bacteria breakdown organic waste into ammonia, then into nitrites and then into nitrates which are processed by vegetation or by anaerobic bacteria changing the nitrates into nitrogen gas which dissipate into the air. The process of building sufficient amounts of bacteria to take care of the conditions in the average tank, normally results in crystal clear water in 2 to 4 weeks, with a sudden clearing of the water.

Product Features

  • Volcanic rock containing beneficial bacteria colonies, disperse about every 30 minutes, clarifies cloudy water and eliminates odors
  • Speeds up nitrogen cycle
  • “Reduces need for frequent maintenance by continually replenishing beneficial bacteria for up to two years”
  • Safe for all fish, reptiles, amphibians and other aquatic life
  • Simple to use, no mess aquarium care in fresh or salt water

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  1. Santosh Geddamuri Sr. "Happysan" says:

    Must have for enthusiast aquarist 0

  2. Dolly says:

    Shocked 0

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