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Elive LED Aquarium Fish Tank Pod Lighting – Replacement Pod for LED Track Light, Color Enhancement White/Red

Create the perfect daylight environment: Designed to fit the Elive LED Track Light and LED Track Light Advanced Series our LED High Output PODs are perfect to add to your existing aquarium lighting to add additional warm orange colored daylight. It can also be used as a replacement LED. The 4000K warm white and 630 nm red LEDs are designed for the daylight channel of your Elive LED Light Track. Warm white light make your plants and fish appear more colorful. You’ll love this fish tank POD light, because it’s easy to install in just seconds and creates a perfect warm daylight environment with minimal 1 Watt energy requirement.

Product Features

  • Color Enhancement: This LED Pod creates a warm daylight environment with a mix of 4000K warm white and 630 nm red LEDs.
  • Simple Installation: With our patented Easy Change System, Elive LED Pods can be added and removed from your Elive LED track in seconds.
  • Mix & Match: With a dedicated selection of LED Pods for night and daytime, you can create the perfect lighting for your tank, plants and fish.
  • Highest Energy Efficiency: With just 1 Watt, Elive High Output provide ample light with minimal energy requirements.
  • Trusted Name: Elive has been a high quality manufacturer of aquarium equipment for many years and is proud to be the most trusted brand for aquarium lights in the US today.

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  1. Mitchell says:

    Work well. A nice addition

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