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Fancy Goldfish Aquarium [Download]

Fancy Gold Fish Aquarium features selected goldfish species like the Lionchu Goldfish, Crown Goldfish, Chinese Goldfish, Telescopeeye Goldfish, Tamasaba Goldfish, Ryukin Goldfish, Black Moor Goldfish, Shubunkin Goldfish, Bubble eye, Fantail, Lionchu, Oranda, Panda Moor, Pearlscale, Pompom, Ranchu, Ryukin, Telescope Eye, Tosakin, and Veil tail Goldfish in clear water and well planted aqua scape with natural plants. They are very beautiful fish and as their name implied (Fancy Goldfish) because they come with different body shapes and colors. With this animated wallpaper, at least you will be able to display the maintenance-free and feeding-free Fancy Goldfish Aquarium right on your desktop.

System Requirements:

  • Supported OS:   [Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows]
  • Processor:   AMD
  • RAM:   1GB
  • Hard Disk:   12MB
  • Video Card:   Windows Video Card
  • Additional Requirements:   No special requirement

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Recommended Processor:   AMD+
  • Recommended RAM:   1GB+
  • Recommended Video Card:   Windows Video card
  • Video Cards Supported at the time of release:   No special requirement

Product Features

  • Real colorful fish (not 3D draw)
  • One click option to hide/un-hide icons
  • Multiple screen setting to meet your personal preference of screen display
  • Options to set it to auto or run manually when you are on the mood
  • No other special requirements of pricey hardware or software to run

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