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Finnex Planted+ 24/7 Fully Automated Aquarium LED, Controller, 30 Inch

The Finnex Planted+ 24/7 LED fixture allows a hands free simulated sunrise & sunset to take effect atop user’s aquariums. The 24/7 feature starts with a cool lit dawn, transitions in to a warm sunrise morning, followed by an intense color blazing high noon, scaling down to a red sun drowned sunset and finishes with a starry night blue moonlight. The cycle will repeat itself in real time, hands free, the following day. The fixture is equipped with a remote that allows day elements such as a Thunderstorms, Cloudy Days, Sunny Days and Moonlights to be activated with a click of a button. Also accessible via the IR controlled remote are four (4) memory slots in which a user can easily customize and save countless color combinations and lighting intensities if the user does not want to use the 24/7 feature. In addition to the dimmable Red, Green and Blue LEDs, the fixture also incorporates 7,000k Daylight LEDs to allow planted aquariums to thrive. Equipped with memory, the fixture remembers last saved settings as to make it compatible with standard timers. The fixture interacts with the controller via a water resistant IR sensor. The fixture’s clear legs can slide inwards if need be to mount shorter aquariums. The legs feature screws capable of mounting rimless aquariums. For those with larger rimmed aquariums, the legs also feature a removable inner portion to accommodate such a width. Built out of quality constructed aluminum and featuring a water resistant splash guard, the 24/7 was built with longevity in mind.

Product Features

  • Fully Automated Aquarium LED Fixture w/Controller
  • Hands Free: Simulating Fire Red Sunrise to Blue Starry Night
  • Four Customizable Color Channels, Dimmable
  • 7k/Multi-color Blend for Plant Growth
  • 30 Inch Fixture

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  1. T. Harris says:

    Bright, Good Looking Planted Aquarium Lamp. Nice Features. Good Value. What a Great Looking Light! Thin, modern, and functional. Output is impressive.I have this on my planted 29 Gallon standard tank. This was purchased when I built out the tank 2 months ago, but has been on back-order. I was using a nice and bright lamp for the initial month, but had to give it back to the owner. I then had a weaker Fluval lamp on the tank until this one arrived, and it couldn’t have arrived any later as my plants were starting to show stress from the weaker Fluval.First thing I noticed when I opened the Amazon box was the packing was a bit weak and I saw one of the other reviewers having an issue with a PC board, and had fears this unit would have damage. Nope, while the box is made to sell both the 30″ and 36″ lamps, the Finnex packaging was sufficient to protect the lamp. Phew! Turned on when I plugged it in.That said, the power cord is pretty short. I had to use all the cord to make it to my socket. Not much room for a drip loop (like none). Also, the IR receiver cable is pretty long. Seems like it could be 1/2 the length and be sufficient, but longer is better? If that’s true, why such a short power cord?I placed the lamp on my tank and was really happy to see the output. Next to the Fluval lamp, it was a huge difference – that Fluval was 18 watts and this unit is 29 watts, so 1/3 more power and likely 1/3 more output. I could see my plants pumping out bubbles shortly after the swap, so it looks like O2 is being made. Too early to tell how this will really impact the tank, as I’m going to try and use the 24/7 feature.I ran it in 24/7 last night, and was surprised at how much light was showing at midnight. Not blue moonlights, but some white output with red showing too. I didn’t see what happened next, but when I woke up the next morning, it was a similar color, but brighter. I hope I’ll get enough light out of it in the 24/7 mode, or I’ll just put it on the lamp timer and go with max.The remote is simple. Works pretty well. The 24/7 features is actually rather slick — once you set it up. Push the 24/7 button, then push the time, and then the 24/7 button again will set the clock. From there, you can make changes to the lights, and then when you want it back to 24/7, just push 24/7 once and it will remember the time based on the last 24/7 clock. So basically, you need to get the clock set once correctly, and then you can use all the other settings and go right back to 24/7 mode with just one button and the time will be correct.The lamp is really thin. I have it on top of my glass top. It’s just a hair too narrow to straddle the glass on the feet. Strange. I didn’t use the clear stands as my tank is 30″ (or just about). So it looks like I’ll be doing some fiddling to make it seat better on the glass. Not sure how yet. The light projects downward, but there’s some light leaking from the edges between the glass and the lamp frame. Not bad, and isn’t really a distraction, but it’s there. This isn’t a hood.Thus far, I’m very happy with this purchase, and of course Amazon had the best price and earlier than my LFS. So win win. Highly recommended.** 06/01/2015 UPDATE **After using this for about 2 weeks, I can say I’m still happy. The lamp is just darn good looking. Very pleasing form factor. Not looking at the output, it just is a good looking light.The 24/7 feature is still in use, but I tend to put it on max bright when I am around the tank. The brightest period during the 24/7 cycle is a little shorter than I would like – it looks to be about 5 hours at the higher/highest output – so I add some extra high powered lighting from time to time. I also play with the “time” so that I can get a longer bright period. Basically I pick a time that will result in more light – often just hitting the noon button so that I know the next 3 hours are going to be very bright (the peak photo period in the 24/7 mode). I wish there was a way to adjust the cycle length, such that you could pick a longer photo period.All that said, the 24/7 mode looks great. It really makes the fish look good and the plants look good too. Because it is always changing, the appearance of the tank changes dramatically as a result. Bright day is so different than dawn light, with all the reds my tank just looks like a completely different tank. Cool.I installed the IR receiver behind the tank lip. It works OK from an angle, but not directly on. Not a huge problem, but they really could have worked out a better IR receiver solution.I’ll try and update with photos soon.06/10/15 UPDATE:Added Photos.Sorry, but the upload came out out of order.Photo: 24/7Setting1: Max2: 3 am3: 12 midnight4: 9 pm5: 9 am6: Remote7: 6 am8: 3…

  2. kanooka says:

    Love it so far! 0

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