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FISH: Fun Facts and Incredible Pictures on Animals and Nature: Fish (AGE 7-12) (Children’s Books on Animals & Nature, fish,)

Learn the Amazing Facts About Fish in this Captivating Nature Series

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Using carefully chosen words and attractive pictures, Jillian Hastings has created a nature series for children like no other. These are excellent books for parents to read to their child, or have their child read it themselves. It has been professionally developed specifically to teach your child to understand more about the world around them.

In this book, children will learn about the magnificent fishes that live in the ocean, rivers, and aquariums. These creatures are found in nearly all aquatic environments and are an essential part of our ecosystem and lives.

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn

* Ancient Fish and a Short History of Fish

* Anatomy of a Fish

* Habitats of Fish

* Difference between Freshwater Fish and Saltwater Fish

* What do Fish Eat?

* How do Fish Travel?

* The Biggest and Smallest Fishes in the World

* Featured fish: the Aggressive Betta, the Beautiful Lionfish, various Cichlids, Catfish, and much much more


Comments From Other Readers

“I read this fish book with my daughter and she absolutely loved it! Excellent and detailed pictures, easy to understand paragraphs. I recommend this book for all children.” – Lester H. (Austin, USA)

“This book has some really interesting facts that even I found interesting. Who would have thought the Giant Mekong Catfish can reach 10 feet long. The research is phenomenal and is great for kids and adults alike.” – Regina W (Los Angeles, USA)

“I love the pictures and the information. My 3 kids loved it too. They’re begging me to get them an aquarium now.” – Haley C. (San Diego, USA)

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