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Fluval Chi Aquarium Kit, 6.6-Gallon

Fluval Chi

With striking artistic simplicity, the Fluval Chi makes a stunning aquatic feature. Inspired by ancient Chinese culture, Chi describes the life force of living things and symbolizes the positive effects of energy. The flowing water of Fluval Chi is believed to encourage Feng Shui, bringing prosperity and good luck to your home.

Fluval Chi

Fluval Chi looks stylish in any room

Chi is versatile, manageable and provides a stylish habitat for fascinating fish species. As with all Fluval nano aquariums, Chi is easy to set up and maintain and with a beautiful range of accessories to choose from, it allows you to create an individual look to suit your mood or surroundings. The Fluval Chi features a world first- a combined filter, light unit and water feature. The water bubbles and gurgles over the top of the feature, which appears to float in the center of the tank. The Chi is perfect for those who are familiar with aquatic lifestyles.

The Chi delivers an appealing aquarium, making the ordinary truly extraordinary. It was designed to radiate positive energy throughout any home. The elegant yet subtle lines and harmonious balance of light and sound create a soothing atmosphere that gently envelops an area. Relax to the gentle sound of flowing water and the graceful movement of fish as Chi brings a peaceful ambiance to your space. Chi includes a safe, low voltage LED lighting system so in low light environments the aquarium takes on a glowing, peaceful beauty of its own.

Fluval Chi is available in two sizes (5 gallons and 6.6 gallons). It is designed with an open top design for tranquility.

Fluval Chi

The Fluval Chi
Fluval Chi

Fluval Chi gives any room a serene ambiance

Variety of Features

Filtration System

The Fluval Chi utilizes a full three stage mechanical, chemical, and biological filter, specifically designed to prevent water bypass, provide clear water, and promote a healthy nano living environment. Two separate filtration media are available for the Chi: the foam pad and filter pad. The foam pad should remain in the filter to foster biological growth while the filter pad removes finer debris and chemical impurities through carbon filtration. The design of the filter is especially unique to the Chi in that water is brought in from the bottom of the “box”, passed through the filtration media, and bubbles out over the top in a calming waterfall-style feature.

LED Lighting System

Fluval Chi features two separate cool-white LED lighting units: a 12 LED submersible light unit illuminates the aquarium from the bottom of the filtration box, while a second set of LED’s shines upward and lights the water as it flows back into the aquarium. This creates a stunning nighttime visual and casts a soothing aquatic glow onto the ceiling of the room. The 6.6 gallon model also features a remote control lighting system.

Plant Basket

The plant basket easily slips out of the plant box and can be filled with Fluval Chi decor pieces (sold separately) or natural plants to complement the Fluval Chi surroundings.

Pebble Basket

Positioned on the top of the filtration cube, the decor tray holds either the pebble basket or additional decor pieces (available separately), which soften the sound of the trickling water.

Media Access

The 180 degree rotating filter head and easy access media cover ensures routine maintenance is quick and simple to do.

Introducing Fish

Recommended types of fish for the Fluval Chi are Goldfish, Bettas, Guppies and Danios. Allow a minimum of 1 gallon of water for every 1 inch of fish, excluding tail. Fish are usually sold as juveniles, so you will need to allow some extra space for your fish to grow. If you chose tropical fish, remember that some require the use of a heater. Also, some fish may attempt to jump, so the open top design of the Chi could limit your choice of fish.

**Gravel, fish and decorations not included

Product Features

  • 6.6-gallon aquatic aquarium that provides you with a calming and soothing atmosphere
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • One plug for the integrated filtration system and powerful LED lighting system
  • Decor tray provides the opportunity change out plants and decorative objects for optimal appearance
  • 10 inches long, 10 inches wide, 16 inches high; 1-year warranty

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  1. T. Sessoms says:

    Excellent aquarium overall – If you have concerns or doubts about it, PLEASE READ THIS (ignore the low ratings, I explain why) ** Update/Added Comment: I just wanted to add to this review that Seachem Onyx fractured substrate (sand) is a REALLY good looking addition to these Chi setups. If you want to bring out the color of any plants or aquatic life in a Chi, especially Red Cherry or Ghost shrimp, put the Onyx substrate in there. It’s pure black and sets everything off perfectly. It also contributes minerals to the water! ****** Update 2012-Jan-31 : A cover is now available for the Fluval Chi and works for the 5 and 6.6 gallon models. This is great if you’re concerned about an aquatic pet jumping out. ****** Update 2013-Jun : About 18 months after first setting the tank up, the LED lights went out. They have been in constant use since setup, so around 13,200 hours. That’s a low lifetime for LED’s. The fact they all went out at once leads me to believe either the power circuitry had an issue (likely, since the low lifetime) or the LED quality was poor. I’m going to investigate, and install some new LED’s of my own to increase WPG for my new natural setup. I will report back.I didn’t purchase my Chi from Amazon, but I’ve had it for a year and wanted to share my input. This is a perfect aquarium for some aquarium life/plants, or even just to have plants only. In fact, I’m buying two more this week for my living room!There’s several great reviews which go over the Chi in depth so I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, if you’d like to see those as well just go check out the 4 & 5 star reviews.What I want to bring attention to is the fact that most, if not all, of the reviews under the 1 & 2 star section aren’t the fault of the Chi, they seem to be the fault of an inexperienced aquarist or someone who hasn’t done the research on the type of life they’re putting in the tank, with exception of one or two reviews which mentioned equipment problems such as the power supply going bad.Fluval doesn’t put out poor products, they are TOP NOTCH. As such I wanted to share general “good aquarist” habits and my personal experience with the Chi, so all can rest assured it’s a solid product. Let me comment on a few common things I found in the “bad” reviews, to help guide those who may be on the fence.. here’s a quick index of my review, skip to the section which interests you the most:Review Index:* My Present Setup – 1 year and loving it* Use Live Plants – AKA, how to enhance water quality, aquarium life and cut down on algae* Lidless Aquarium – This isn’t bad, just do research* Filtration on the Chi sucks – AKA, It’s actually a perfect design* Don’t follow the Filtration Instructions – AKA, follow these instead* Brown Goop on the Cube – This is normal* Loud Chi/Filtration Noises – AKA, I’m probably not maintaining the proper water level* I have algae problems because the Chi sucks – AKA, I’m probably not taking proper care of the water* I had a bunch of fish and the Chi killed them – AKA, I put too many fish in and I killed themTHE REVIEW:* MY PRESENT SETUP, one year later I’m still loving itWhat I have:* I have mine at work.* I have 6 live plants in it (mentioned in the section below)* A compact heater to maintain temperature, which lays in the back behind the cube which sits on the bottom, so it’s out of view.* I have a small air line running in the back over the heater, also out of view–I use this to help maintain gas exchange. This is primarily because I don’t want excess C02 to buildup in the water because if the marine life I have in the aquarium (dirtier life than normal). I hardly hear the bubbles.What I do:* I turn the light on when I get in, and turn it off when I leave, so it’s on 8/off 16.* I feed my aquarium life every few days, but never to excess, only what they can eat* I clean the aquarium up once a week at the minimum (sometimes twice), about 1/3rd of the gravel one week, another third the next and so on. I never clean all the gravel at once* I do a weekly water change of about 1 gallon at the most, sometimes only half a gallon.* I replenish (top off) evaporated water every few days* Only when the filter starts losing water flow do I clean the white filter element, and I only clean it in dirty water-change water (see my notes below)* I suppliment the aquarium once a week with a small dose of calcium – I use Seachem’s Aquavitro. This is for the snail’s health, and helps balance hardness. Aquavitro Calcium is branded as a Marine (saltwater) product, but is perfect for Freshwater as well* I suppliment the aquarium once or twice a month with plant nutrients from Flourish – This is only if you’re serious about lots of plants, for most, just putting the plants in is enough…

  2. B. Bersbach says:

    A beautiful little aquarium! The Chi is just gorgeous, it’s a beautiful piece of art for a fish to live in. And when I say A fish, I mean a SINGLE fish.There is absolutely nothing wrong with this tank other than the fact that the people typically buying it have not bothered to research that you can not jam 10 fish in a 5 gallon tank. Of course this tank’s filtration system isn’t powerful enough to clean water from 10 fish, it was never meant to have that many. Nor is any 5 gallon tank. The way to keep your tank clean and clear? Let it go through it’s cycling process (which takes months, not weeks), don’t overfeed, and please, if you want your fish to live, do not overstock your tank! The rule of thumb is for every gallon of water you have 1 inch of adult fish (in community tropical settings), and it doesn’t apply to all fish. So, on average you get 5 fish for the 5 gallon tank. Make your fish even happier by allowing them to have space (so they don’t stress out over territory) and only putting 1-3 in a 5 gallon. Fish usually end up dying in their own ammonia build up in an overstocked tank – a great way to go, eh?This tank is beautiful, tranquil, and perfect for a betta or 3 fancy guppies, but not much else… Like all other small tanks (and despite it’s own advertising, most advertising preys on the mass’ ignorance). This isn’t a problem with this tank, but par for all small tanks. I HIGHLY recommend this aquarium for those with a betta. Please people, remember to research animals before you bring them into your home that way you can enjoy aquariums like these for what they have to offer.

  3. Rob Houser says:

    Stylish, compact aquarium that’s great for an office or very small space I purchased the Fluval Chi aquarium for my office three months ago, and I’ve been pleased with it. I currently have 4 fish in the aquarium, and they’re doing well. You will need to buy some additional items to make this aquarium work, so make sure you check out that part of the review. I added a picture of my aquarium to the images section.PROSThe form factor is just right for a desktop or small table because it’s more vertical than horizontal. The tank only takes about 10 square inches of space.The overall look of the aquarium is pleasing to the eye. The shape is modern, the glass is clear, and the little water movement on the top is enjoyable without being distracting.You don’t hear the filter at all and the sound of the water is quiet and peaceful. You can control the volume of the water sounds by taking out all of the rocks on the top filter (for the most noise with a little splashing out of the aquarium) or add more rocks to reduce the sound (and splash) of the water. These rocks come with the aquarium.CONSDon’t be scared away by the cons because they’re not completely unreasonable for this size of an aquarium.Managing PH and ammonia levels in a small tank is harder than in a larger tank because everything changes faster. That means you may have to do more frequent partial water changes on this tank than on larger ones. I tend to do water changes 1-2 times a week.The aquarium is only 5 gallons, so you are limited in the number of fish you can/should add. The general rule of thumb is one gallon per one inch of fish.The filter is in the box at the top. To change it you have to unplug the aquarium (no switch), take out the rock tray (drips water), and then turn the top box over to extract the filter.The light is connected to the filter, so you can’t set up a timer to turn the light on/off.There’s no lid to the aquarium, and some fish like to jump, which could result in their untimely death. When the water is at the correct height, the top of the glass is less than 1 inch away.The constant flow of the water on top of the tank forces the food down into the aquarium too quickly when the fish are feeding. I tilt the filter box just barely in one direction so the water will be more peaceful on the side with less water flow. This helps a bit, but I still have to clean the gravel more than I should.WHAT ELSE YOU WILL NEEDThe aquarium doesn’t come with everything you need to get started. You will need to purchase:* heater(Unless you’re just getting a goldfish, you need a heater to keep the temperature consistent. A lot of the small ones are preset to 76 degrees, but I suggest you get one with an adjustable thermostat in case you get fish that prefer a different temperature. Don’t put off this purchase or you may lose some fish.)* thermometer(You need to verify that the heater is keeping the water at the right temperature. You can get one of the ones that sticks to the outside of the tank.)* gravel for the bottom* plants(Type and amount depends on what fish you pick. You will want plants between 3-7 inches. Plants should not touch the heater. You can get real plants if you want, but I didn’t. The tank isn’t really big enough to add plants that keep growing.)* ornaments(For hiding places and decoration. Depends on fish you pick, but some bottom feeders prefer to have a hiding place. The Fluval Chi pieces that they make for the middle of the aquarium are short enough to go under the filter and some have plants built into them. But you don’t have to get the Fluval Chi decorations.)* gravel vacuum(You need a way to clean out the stuff that collects in the gravel. The cheap way is a gravel vacuum which siphons the water out. You need this for water changes.* bucket(Used to catch the water from the gravel vacuum. It needs to hold up to a gallon of water. Partial water changes take out around 10-20% of the water.)* net(To get the fish out of the pet store bag and into the aquarium and for other maintenance.)* algae scraper(You can wait on this one, but if all goes well algae will grow on the glass and you will need to scrape it off. I got a scraper that has a plant holder on the other end to help put plants back at the bottom when they inevitably pop up.)* gallon jugs (2)(You need to prepare your replacement water ahead of time. I use two jugs that used to have distilled water in them. You will need to top off the aquarium every 1-2 days as the water evaporates fairly quickly since there is no lid to the aquarium. And when you do water changes you’ll need more replacement water. Having the jugs lets you treat the water in advance and lets it get to room temperature before you put it into the…

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