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Fluval Edge 12-Gallon Aquarium with 42-LED Light, Black

Edgy is precisely the word to describe Fluval EDGE. It’s so out there on so many fronts; it’s cool, trendy, breathtaking, contemporary and stylish. Its striking 3D cube design is refreshingly new and revolutionary. EDGE is an eye-catching showpiece that stands out anywhere you put it. It includes LED lighting, so it makes a spectacular substitute for tabletop lamps. EDGE consists of two main components working in perfect harmony: a clear glass aquarium nestled inside an elegant pedestal. The pedestal appears to be clasping the tank, making the aquarium appear like it is suspended in mid-air. The column houses the filter and the electrical wiring is neatly concealed inside the column. EDGE has a clear glass top that allows a clear and virtually unobstructed aerial view of the interior. The cover is completely sealed, which allows you to fill the aquarium right up to the brim, creating a spectacular effect. Water evaporation is minimal. The unobtrusive pedestal structure and the clear top allow a great all-around view. Instead of a traditional canopy, there is a small cover at the top that houses the lighting. EDGE comes in two sizes 6 and 12 gallons. Both models are ideal for countertops, desks and tabletops. The 12 gallon model includes 42 LED bulbs—39 white and 3 blue bulbs. You can turn on all the lights for full illumination or turn on only the blue bulbs to create a night-time moonlight effect. The LEDs create clear and natural-looking lighting that makes fish and plant colors look strikingly vibrant. EDGE comes with a Fluval Power Filter, which is hidden from view inside the pedestal column. The power filter keeps the aquarium water clean.  A quiet pump inside the filter circulates the water. As the water flows through the filter, it flows through mechanical, chemical and biological filtering media, which skims and washes the water clean so that fish and plants can enjoy a clear and healthy environment. All required media is included.

Fluval EDGE

Inspired by architectural styling, the EDGE aquarium creates a unique visual effect capturing emotion and serenity within a contemporary setting. The Fluval EDGE design includes a unique equipment casing which hides and holds all the essentials. Even wiring is beautifully hidden, allowing a good all-around view whether placed on a desk, low coffee table or kitchen top. EDGE brings an exciting new look to aquatics, combining the most modern aquarium design with the beauty of nature. The result is an utterly stylish complement to any home or office space.

Removable cover

12 and 6 Gallon tanks available.

Variety of Features

Two Sizes Available

The Fluval EDGE is available in two sizes: a 6 gallon aquarium and a 12 gallon aquarium. Both models have been designed to capture emotion and serenity.

360 Degree Viewing

The world’s first 3D water cube aquarium, both models of the Fluval EDGE can be filled to the very brim thanks to the sealed glass top, providing high definition viewing from every angle. The sealed top reduces evaporation for less maintenance and a large, hidden aperture allows oxygen exchange to keep fish healthy. A floating base design gives the set a very small footprint for easy placement and lends the aquarium a clean, contemporary look.

Compact Design

The EDGE is extremely versatile due to its compact proportions. It makes a beautiful addition to any interior where space may be limited and in low light areas, it brings light and life to dull corners and uninteresting walls.

Hidden High Quality Filtration

Fluval EDGE comes complete with a powerful and efficient 3 stage filter which remains completely hidden, preserving the striking aquarium design. Featuring mechanical, chemical and biological filtration for clear, healthy water, the EDGE filter is much like Hagen’s AquaClear clip on filter range, which has a long history of proven performance.

An Aquarium to Complement Your Lifestyle

Designed to complement modern decor, the EDGE is available in three stylish colors: black, white and silver. The 6 gallon aquarium is offered in all three colors, and the 12 gallon is offered in black and white. The striking design and contemporary wrap around stand will create a talking point in your home for years to come.

Easy Assembly and Maintenance

Fluval EDGE takes only seconds to assemble and the perforated, removable cover effectively dissipates lamp heat, avoids moisture, and allows easy access to the filter’s lift out media trays. Wide ranges of EDGE cleaning accessories are also available to make cleaning simple.

Removable cover

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Visually Stunning

A powerful, retractable LED lighting system creates a visually stunning display. The Edge is equipped with both white and blue LED bulbs, giving you the ability to provide full illumination or a night-time moonlight effect. The 6 gallon aquarium comes with a 21-bulb lighting system and the 12 gallon comes with 42 bulbs. Both models have a three position on/off switch for the ability to display Bright Daytime, Deep Blue Nighttime and Off.

Versatile Design

The Fluval EDGE aquarium has been designed for today’s lifestyle with a contoured casing module and a 6-sided glass tank. Whether in an ultra-modern or more traditional setting, this versatile aquarium adds the ‘designer’ look to almost any room in the home. The gentle flow of water and glow of the LED lighting produce a beautiful shimmering effect reminiscent to sunlight on open water.

Easy to Operate and Quiet

EDGE is quiet, powerful and easy to use aquarium that turns fish-keeping into an extraordinary visual experience.

Display Anywhere in Your Home

The Fluval EDGE has been designed to be filled to the top. The action of the filter provides all the oxygen exchange fish need. This means that the aquarium can be positioned at a lower level and viewed clearly from above through the glass top, unhindered by equipment or trailing wires.

Product Features

  • 6 sided, 12 gallon sealed glass aquarium
  • Powerful, easy to use Edge filter with Cycleguard
  • Includes Nutrafin Cycle and Nutrafin Aquaplus water treatments
  • LED Lighting, Filtration & Wiring is easily hidden away in the décorative column
  • Powerful bright white 7600K high liuminosity LED’s with 3 deep blue night-time light LED’s and 3 position switch

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  1. Ellen "Melon Bell" says:

    Worth the hassle There are plenty of detailed reviews on the original Fluval Edge. This one, with the 21 LED lighting is the newer model, so when I decided to make my purchase I went with this one, even though it’s several dollars more. Personally, from all the comments regarding the lighting issues on the previous model I wouldn’t hesitate spending the extra money and opt for this newer model. In reading the other reviews, there isn’t much that I can add that hasn’t already been said. However, these are the things that I think are major pros and cons:Biggest Pros: The lighting expands throughout the tank – from edge to edge, not just in the center. Better design if you’re keeping live plants. Plus, the lights don’t get warm at all.The blue night-lighting is a very nice feature. I use this setting about an hour before I go to bed and it’s really relaxing to watch the fish swim in the blue light.The tank itself is the coolest design I’ve ever seen. It is extremely impressive to view, and gives the feel of everything being almost weightless. Very soothing.Biggest Cons:As everyone has stated before, the opening is small, but I can reach my hand inside from corner to corner without any trouble. Something to think about, though: I bought the bamboo wall accessory and it made the opening even smaller, as it sits right below it. I ended up removing mine and stuck with live plant and rock decorations. It looks just as nice that way, and I have more room to get into the aquarium when needed.If you want to do any cleaning or need to stick your hand into the aquarium for ANY reason, you MUST remove some of the water first. Otherwise it will spill out of the opening and all over the place.Bottom line: if you are looking for a tank that is visually stunning to look at and want something completely unusual, you won’t be disappointed IF you can live with the few quirks this tank has. If you like rearranging your tank or need to get in and out of it quickly, you may find this more annoying than its worth. I’ve kept tanks on and off for over 15 years and for me, the beauty of it outweighs what some people would call a nuisance.

  2. bool says:

    Buy only if you are willing to spend extra money and effort I wanted to test the Fluval Edge 46lt/12gl for a few months before jumping in to write about it. When I first received the tank and upon inspection, I found that the column did not have the two clips that attach to the glass tank. Hagen was nice to send me a replacement column but still it was a hassle to disassemble the lighting unit in order to change the correct part.The first thing that anyone buying this tank must understand is that they are trading usability and functionality for aesthetics. I found myself challenged to make up for the inconvenience of having a small 5″x7″ opening where all interaction with the outside world must “fit in”. These are the areas that I found the most challenging and dysfunctional about this tank:FILTRATION:The form is such that the tank is exactly the same length and width as the smaller 23lt/6gl Fluval Edge only that it is twice it’s height. Still this version of the Fluval Edge uses the same HOB Filter as it’s smaller counterpart. If the effectiveness of the filter in the 6gl version was good, now it is half as good. I was able to corroborate this fact when I started to develop algae problems in my tank. When I invited a marine biologist/experienced aquarist friend to see my aquarium, the first observation he made was how stagnant and poorly oxygenated the water was towards the bottom half of the tank. As we all know, this lack of aeration and movement is a major cause of poor water quality and algae development. The solutions I found were to replace the HOB filter with an external unit and to add a micro pump like the Koralia 240 which worked well. I also tried a Jardin filter sponge with good results . Perhaps if the tank would have been longer or wider as opposed to only taller, the opening could have been larger enabling the option of a larger, more powerful HOB filter.LIGHTS:Even with the LED improvement, the lighting unit that comes with the tank is only good enough for non-planted tanks or low-light plants such as anubias or ferns. Any other plants requiring medium or high lighting would likely suffer. Problems associated with the low lighting are exacerbated by the poor placement of the lighting unit which is confined to the 5″x7″ opening towards the middle back of the tank. Any plants in the aquarium would fare better only if placed directly below this 5″x 7″ area. Another limiting factor is that the lighting unit needs to be turned off and raised up in order to access the tank for maintenance. Unless the tank is located next to a bright window (an unlikely scenario) you will basically find yourself performing maintenance in the dark. The addition of an external lighting unit is almost a necessity, even more so in a planted tank. I found a unit called the Padlite by Truelumen which worked quite well but it was not cheap.MAINTENANCEA major hassle in all respects. For a planted aquarium, trimming plants is almost a nightmare. You are limited by the angles and require large curved scissors. Also all the cuttings accumulate on the top glass and it is quite difficult to clean them up completely. I found that using a sponge soaked in aquarium water helped. A floater magnet cleaner is a good idea in order to eliminate bubbles and move the accumulated debris/cuttings off the top glass. However I do not recommend this product to clean the glass as the inside magnet/bristles are very rough and will invite any particles floating in the water that will scratch your glass. Catching fish is quite challenging. I have large rocks so imagine trying to catch a pygmy cory through the 5″x7″ opening with a fluval edge net?! I resolved, basically, that any fish or invertebrates that go inside the tank stay in the tank forever.That said, I agree with almost all reviewers here that the tank looks amazing and the fact that all electrical cords and tubing can be hidden inside the back column is a blessing. At least we get a little something in exchange for all the pain.

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