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Freshwater and Tropical Aquarium

The Freshwater and Tropical Aquarium DVD has four great aquariums, with vivid colours and the clearest of water, to both relax and entertain. The Tropical Aquariums have brightly coloured fish and fascinating coral and can be played with sea sounds, music, and a sea and music mix. The Freshwater Aquariums have different varieties of smaller fish which dart through the greenery and Angel Fish gliding slowly around the plants. The Freshwater Aquariums have a choice of natural lake sounds, bubbles or music. Each aquarium can be chosen individually and will play for 25 minutes before repeating automatically for an endless aquarium on your television. Please note: Non-profit public screenings of this DVD for churches and for small companies such as in Health Spas, Doctor and Dentist Waiting Rooms, Restaurants and Bars, are allowed at one location, free of extra charge, on up to 4 TV screens up to 40 inches wide.

Product Features

  • 2 Tropical Aquariums with colorful coral and fish.
  • 2 Freshwater Aquariums with green plants, smaller fish and Angel fish.
  • Choose an aquarium and it will play continuously.

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