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Freshwater Aquariums For Dummies

Covers the latest aquarium gadgets

Design a dazzling underwater environment with this bestselling guide!

Setting up your first freshwater aquarium can be a daunting task. This friendly guide answers all your questions, from setting up your tank and selecting fish to the water, chemicals, plants, and much more. There’s also expanded guidance on combining different species of fish, maintaining a tank, cleaning gravel, and dealing with common problems such as algae.

Discover how to
* Choose the right aquarium
* Select the best fish
* Get good deals on equipment
* Maintain a clean, healthy environment
* Handle tank pitfalls
* Breed your fish

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  1. J. Andrews says:

    It’s okay This book isn’t too bad, but there’s definately better out there. The humor is kind of lame, as it is in all dummy books, but overall the information is sound. However, there are a few exceptions, like who still uses undergravel filters? or even still has a film camera anymore…thats right there’s a whole chapter dedicated to photographing your fish. Not to mention there are also a ton of typos in this book, which is kind of ridiculuous for a second edition. Overall it covers just about everything, but not in any great detail….you’d do better to find something else.

  2. Microprof says:

    Freshwater Aquariums for Dummies I am very disappointed in this book. It has mistakes and much of the information is out of date. For example, in a discussion of the nitrate cycle, a complex topic for many, the authors have confused nitrate and nitrite. This makes the discussion worthless. The discussion on classification is out of date as DNA studies have caused many changes to the whole sytem.

  3. JLH "Arizona Reader" says:

    great, basic information This is one of the many books I read after “inheriting” a fish. This was a very easy to read and understand while not insulting me for being a rank beginner. I followed many of this book’s recommendations and my fish are very happy.

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