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Glowing Jellyfish,Govine 4pcs Glowing Jellyfish For Aquarium Fish Tank Medium

Features :

Color : Red, green, purple, blue
Dimension : H 20cm / H 7.9″ Diameter: Approx. 11cm / 4.3″
Simply apply it to the tank wall,the jellyfish is tied by thin invisible line and suction cup
This is a beautiful and life-like artificial jellyfish to decorate your fish tank.
Package include : 4 x Glowing Jellyfish

Product Features

  • The material is soft silicone,one package includes 4pcs.Color: Red, green, purple, blue.
  • It can be used in the fish tank for a long term and the height can be adjusted freely.Floating freely and graceful, an ideal decoration for the fish tank and aquarium.
  • The fixed line and suction cups are separated,you need to make a knot before using.
  • Please note: This simulate jellyfish is not a luminous type,it can’t be self-luminous in dark environment.It needs to cooperate with the aquarium light.These pictures are taken under the irradiation of blue & white lights, we recommend blue & white light, blue light or purple light to get better effect.
  • Size:H 20cm / H 7.9″ Diameter: Approx. 11cm / 4.3″

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  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Great fun item

  2. marc king says:

    Colourful and wonderful.

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