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HD Moods: Aquarium 2.0 (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

The best high definition aquarium experience possible!

Its like having a real aquarium, only better! HD Moods Aquarium 2.0 gives you an experience you cannot get anywhere else: an ultra-clear picture shot in 4,000 lines of resolution and master specifically for high-def televisions and Blu-ray. Choose from six different themed chapters: classic clownfish, tropical fish in every color, maroon clownfish and anemone, calming ocean waves with beautiful coral, moon jellyfish, and a warm freshwater river with interesting marine life. And pick what you want to hear, from natural aquatic sounds, immersive ambient music or relaxing transcendental tones.
BONUS: Includes a Standard Definition Aquarium 2.0

BONUS #2: The free HD Moods Aquarium 2.0 app lets you control your experience with your iPhone or IPod Touch and download extra footage, wallpaper, new audio tracks and more!
Shot with Red One specifically for high definition

Extra video options: Fun facts about ocean life and Sustainable Cooking with Hajime, a lesson in Japanese cooking from a renowned head chef

Product Features

  • With hi-def images so real and quality music setting the mood
  • you may try to reach out and touch the colorful tropical fish and immerse yourself in the billowing ocean waves
  • Indescribable underwater cinematography will leave you breathless
  • Includes a bonus DVD
  • 2 Discs. 2010/color/85 min/NR.

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