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How To Set Up A Freshwater Fish Tank: Quickstart guide to setting up your first aquarium

A no-fluff, no-frills guide to setting up your first aquarium or fish tank.

Are you ready to start your new hobby of keeping fish? Are you wondering where to start? This straight-to-the-point guide will set you on the right path to creating a stunning fish tank filled with happy fish.

Topics covered include: Before You Start
6 Steps To Goldfish Success
Buying Your New Tank
Setting Up Your First Aquarium
Where To Place Your Aquarium
Testing For Leaks
Adding Equipment
New Tank Cycling
How Many Fish Can You Add To Your Aquarium?
What Sort Of Fish?
Introducing Your New Fish To The Tank
Feeding Your Fish
Aquarium Maintenance

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  1. Darryl E. J. Ruff says:

    Fish Tank Tips ~ From Knowing Very Little To Knowing A Lot Yesterday I knew very little about fish tanks. Today I’m much wiser, thanks to Alison Benjamin’s terrific book. This book is chock full of need-to-know tips and related photos. Who would’ve thought there’s so much to know for a wannabe pet-fish owner. Heck, I thought you’d only need to buy the tank, pour in a number of good looking get-along fish, sprinkle in some fishy food, then throw in a hook attached to a fishing rod (kidding!). This book is a prize. Now I’m hooked!

  2. NY Dragonfly says:

    Just what I needed! I’ve been eager to move from my one-beta glass bowl to a more complex setup, so I’ve read Ms. Benjamin’s book with a great interest. HOW TO SET UP A FRESHWATER FISH TANK is right to the point, yet a very thorough guide detailing each step of the way, from getting the required equipment and components to cleaning, filtration, feeding, and breeding issues. The bad news is, I realize now that it takes more work and preparation than I thought, the good news is that I have all the info I need in one place. Thanks, Alison!

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